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Recharging the Battery

Recharging the Battery
The Abingdon Blog will be resting for 2 weeks while we recharge the battery.

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Good Neighbour Scheme meet Street Pastors at Unicorn Theatre

Guildhall Consultation
A quick mention that on Tuesday two groups will be at the Unicorn Theatre at 7:30pm to tell you about their work. They are the Good Neighbour Scheme and Street Pastors.

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Guildhall Consultation – July 2016

The Abbey Hall was built alongside the older Guildhall rooms in 1965 to replace facilities at the Victorian Corn Exchange when it was demolished to make room for the Bury Street Shopping Centre.
Guildhall Consultation
Fifty years on The Abbey Hall is about to have a major revamp. Planning permission has been given for the changes which, from the outside, get rid of the ugly concrete ramps, and open up the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling glass.
Guildhall Consultation
Yesterday there was a consultation, and Cllr Mike Badcock, Leader of Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, was there to explain the new plans and listen to feedback.
Guildhall Consultation
The  consultation was in the Roysse Room and people could look at the plans. Specifically at this stage the town council are looking for adjustments that would make it work better for Community Groups.
Guildhall Consultation
They also want to see whether there is approval from residents for adding another £250,000 to the capital budget in order to make some further improvements to the overall inter-connectivity and better use of space where the current entrance foyer now is. To read more or give feedback download the July 2016 consultation document.

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Summer Holidays 2016

Summer Hols
At the start of the summer holidays, one visitor from Glasgow was visiting friends in Abingdon. They went up to the roof of the County Hall to admire the 360° views. Apparently, we are having better weather than Glasgow.
Summer Hols
There was also a large group of visitors from the Brentford and Chiswick History Society exploring East St Helen Street and the River Thames in Abingdon.
Summer Hols
There are similarities in the aspects of the houses to the River Thames. It helps give them an impression of what Chiswick might have looked like in centuries gone by.

People are leaving Abingdon for foreign parts at the start of the school holidays. There were huge queues at Dover as the great getaway met tight security and not enough border guards. Also in 2016, post Brexit, we will not be as many Euros to the pound, but people coming here can get a bargain. No better time for visiting Abingdon.

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Swan Upping reports a downward trend in cygnet numbers

Swan Upping
The swan upping boats arrived in Abingdon at around 5pm this afternoon after 5 days on the River Thames.
Swan Upping
This annual census of the swans has seen a decline in numbers in recent years. In 2016 I heard that 74 cygnets were counted, that compares with 83 cygnets in 2015 and 120 in 2014.

I have not seen the pair of swans with cygnets that were on the mill stream and near the lock earlier in the year. I do not know what happened to them.
Swan Upping
Thanks to Elizabeth for these pictures. I got there too late, because of work, and the excitement was over and the Royal toast had been made.

Elizabeth is putting on an exhibition on 1950s Abingdon over the week of Heritage Open Day in Abingdon (60 years since the Queen visited to re-open the museum). So if anybody has any pictures from that era please get in touch. Email and I will pass on your details.

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