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Abingdon – odds of 7-1

Science and Peace
Thanks to Ed for letting me know that Abingdon, the horse, is due to run this Saturday in the Lancashire Oaks at Haydock.

She is forecast to go off at around 7-1 so might be worth 50 pence each-way.

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This weekend: Science and Peace and Mostly Books’ 10th Anniversary

Science and Peace
The Abingdon Free Space is currently promoting The Oxfordshire Science Festival from 23rd June to 3rd July. A lot of the events are in Oxford, but the finale, ATOM ( a celebration of Science and Technology in Abingdon-on-Thames), runs from 29th June until 3rd July. Details at

Science and Peace
The St Ethelwold’s Summer Celebration is this Sunday 3rd (3pm to 5pm). Revolutionary singing will be provided by the Seagreen Singers, then peace will be restored with circle dancing, teas, and a time in the sanctuary.

Mostly Books are celebrating their 10th Anniversary. First post on their blog written after opening was on July 1st 2006.

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Eyes down at the community centre off Preston Road

When this picture was taken in May 1975, by the Herald, the community centre at Preston Road, South Abingdon, was being built at a cost of £30,000 to serve the 3,500 residents south of the River Ock. £20,000 of that money came from Abingdon Borough Council (wound up the year before). The council used a lot of its surplus money on Abingdon schemes before all that Abingdon money got sucked away into the newly created Vale of White Horse District Council.
Even older than the community centre is the bingo club.

John and Valerie Hayward set up a bingo club 50 years ago to raise funds for the Caldecott Boys football club they helped found in 1963. The bingo was first played at the Railway Inn. It then moved to Caldecott School, and then to the new community centre at Preston Road.

The boys football club played at Caldecott Recreation Ground in the early years, before moving to become the Abingdon Youth FC at Southern Town Park.
This evening tickets were still being sold for the bingo. Volunteers at the community centre have taken over running this popular Tuesday evening activity. (Valerie is seen here with Pete – a volunteer with the bingo for many years). Any profits go back into the community centre.
Prizes this evening included two solar powered snowy owls.

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Out of Europe – twice in a week

England out
The St George Flag has been flown round Abingdon for the last few weeks as England competes in the Euros football tournament.

During the group stages England played well against Russia, Wales, and Slovakia.

In the knock-out stages England came up against Iceland (population 300,000). England were odds on favorite.
England out
But this has been a difficult week since the UK voted to exit the EU 4 days ago. Trading in Barclays and RBS shares were suspended this morning following heavy losses on the London Stock Exchange.
England out
England lost 2-1 against Iceland. Can you imagine how Iceland’s Supporters feel? It must be amazing!

But England are now out of the Euros and the EU.

Wales carry our last hopes in the football, and Scotland carry the only hope of remaining in the EU.

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Abingdon Lock – ‘Taking you to the next level’

Abingdon Lock
Abingdon Lock is getting to be more than a way of getting from one level of the River Thames to another.
Abingdon Lock
The Whippet Kitchen opened last weekend – serving coffee, tea, home-made cakes, and ice cream. It got its name from the whippet that lives at the lock cottage. The cafe will be open most weekends over the summer, but being a small operation that cannot be guaranteed.
Abingdon Lock
There are now even more sculptures by the artist known locally as ‘River Banksy’. Sculptures just appear overnight and very little is known about the artist.
Abingdon Lock
Abingdon Lock has some new signage – taken from ‘The Idiots Guide To Boating’.
Abingdon Lock
There is also a sign warning of a bee nest at the weir. At first the bees were suspected to be the endangered White Tailed Bee, but on closer inspection they turned out to be just common tree bees (see inset).

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