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Rainbow at Sunset

Rainbow at Sunset
Thanks to John of Kingfisher Close for some pictures from Tuesday evening
Rainbow at Sunset
of a rainbow as the sun went down.

8 Comments March 30, 2016

Abingdon border moves south

brick by brick
New houses are rising out of field that was used for horses. The houses of Virginia Way, that marked the southern-most border of Abingdon for thirty years, are no longer the border.
brick by brick
One row of houses are nearly built. Another row of houses are growing behind them.

16 Comments March 29, 2016

Trees Planted near Abingdon Weir

Trees Planted
Trees have been planted where land was cleared in preparation for the construction of Abingdon Hydro next to Abingdon Weir.

In the end the environmental project to generate electricity from the Thames in Abingdon did not add up economically.

One quote was received when the project was put out to tender, and that came in at £3.1m- far too high for the scheme to be viable.

£870,000 had been raised from 420 investors. After costs for architects, accountants and other consultants, investors will get back 86p for each £1 invested.

12 Comments March 28, 2016

Peep-O-Day Lane thin track in the middle

Peep-O-Day Lane
Caroline wanted to share the good work of one man. He was frustrated with the state of Peep-O-Day Lane which has become overgrown and covered in mud, and so he has undertaken the task of clearing it himself this bank holiday for cyclists and walkers as it had been reduced down to just a thin track in the middle. He has a shovel and a broom and is clearing the whole path all the way down, as you can see in the picture attached. Caroline thought it was inspirational as it shows what can be done if you are willing to give a little bit of your own time.

24 Comments March 27, 2016

Easter Shop Displays

In town there are displays in shop windows with a spring or Easter theme.
Easter Shop Displays
The Finishing Touch have flowery Wellington Boots, rabbits, yellow flowers and eggs.
Easter Shop Displays
The Easter reflective space in the Community shop has a sunrise.
Easter Shop Displays
There have been Easter Eggs on sale in the Co-op for some time.
Easter Shop Displays
At Oxfam there are Divine (Fairtrade) Eggs, and the chance to give a charity gift for somebody to buy a chicken, or a goat and start a new life.

Symbols of new life. Happy Easter!

23 Comments March 27, 2016

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