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Abingdon Bid Result Next Thursday

Only a few days to go now. Town centre businesses are voting on whether to become a BID (Business Improvement District) for the next five years. The Yes Campaign has put out banners,
and window displays.

All businesses should have received a voting paper, and they need to be sent to Electoral Services by 5pm on Thursday, 29 October 2015 in order to count. The result will be announced on Thursday.

The Yes campaign’s presentations can be seen at

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Revised Abingdon Hydro Plans

Revised Abingdon Hydro Plans
Revised plans have been submitted to the Vale of White Horse for the Abingdon Hydro, the community funded project to generate electricity from the River Thames in Abingdon.

Revised plans have been resubmitted because, after the detailed design, the generator house will need to be larger than the original design.

Potential contractors will also need easy access to the site, and so a temporary road from Audlett Drive, and a temporary bridge, (alongside the current footbridge), have been sketched in as part of the plans.

You can see the plans at at P15/V2335/FUL

The government have given until September 2016, for projects with a long lead time like this one, to be generating electricity to get the enhanced ‘feed in tariff’ for generating electricity. Any later and the project’s financial viability would be in question.

Construction is expected to take 6-8 months. Time is now of the essence for these revised plans.

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Sustrans Cycle Route, Drive Carefully

Gravel Extraction
Most of the old gravel quarrys in the South Abingdon, and Radley Lakes Area, have either become lakes, or been filled with waste and landscaped.
Gravel Extraction
There is now a nature path through the big old waste dump off Oday Hill Lane, just to the south of Abingdon.
Gravel Extraction
Nearby there is still a working quarry beside the Sustrans National cycle way.

Bright new signs warn lorry drivers of the need to drive carefully because of the Sustrans Cycle Route.

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Traditional Barbers are Booming

Traditional Barbers Booming
Re-style a new Traditional Turkish Barber has opened in Abingdon.

The first Turkish barber has been doing well and there is room for more. This is not so much competition, more of an overflow.

There are lots of men out there who want to look smart. And so traditional barbers shops are doing well in 2015. Three new barbers have opened in Abingdon in the last year and a bit.

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Abingdon Marathon 2015

Abingdon Marathon 2015
The 2015 Abingdon Marathon started at 9am this Sunday morning from Tilsley Park.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
The man who went on to win had taken an early lead at Abingdon Market Place.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
There was a mum bushing her buggy in an attempt to beat the record for a mum pushing a buggy in a marathon, and she smashed it with 3 hours and 17 minutes and 52 lullabies.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
Paul Fernandez, a well known Abingdon runner, came in second in the mens race, just 30 seconds outside his PB. Paul won the race in 2012.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
Lots of other Abingdon runners did well. Athletics is very popular in these parts. There seem to be far more people running, throwing, and jumping than in years gone by – thanks to the excellent facility at Tilsley Park.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
The winner of the womens race came from Winchester – down the A34.
Abingdon Marathon 2015
Officials and members of the public cheered on the runners … “Well Done … You are nearly there … Not long to go …”

It was another well organised race. MP3 players were banned this year on safety grounds.

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