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People have started to turn on their heating

In late October, people have started to turn on their heating.
Pigeons are attracted by the warmth they find round chimney pots.

This will be the first winter for many of these birds. They will eat where they can, and find warmth where they can.

7 Comments October 27, 2015

A Planning Application in Two Parts at Tilsley Park

Planning Application
Planning permission was given in June for (P15/V1049/FUL) the conversion of the grass area in the middle of the running track at Tilsley Park to form  a synthetic pitch for rugby and football use. It has, up to now, been used as a competitive area for throwing javelin, discus and hammer. The conversion of the grass area has been delayed after protests from throwers who use the facility for winter training.
Planning Application
A second planning application (P15/V2198/FUL) is now being considered by the Vale of White Horse District Planning Department. It involves improvements to the practice throwing area at the side of Tilsley Park, including the addition of floodlighting for winter use.
Planning Application
The prospect of floodlights has brought protests from neighbouring properties, in the line of the new flood lighting – and an objection from the the town council.

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We have set the clocks back, but time is flying by

Clocks went back
The clocks in Abingdon were turned back an hour last night – at the end of British Summer Time. St Helen’s Church had already adjusted when I went out this morning.
Clocks went back
The parking machines were just being changed back.
Clocks went back
And St Nicolas Church had already been adjusted.

It was a lovely day with sunshine and lots of fallen leaves. I can hardly believe we are already into the fortnight of Halloween, fireworks, and Remembrance Day. 2015 is just flying by.

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It was raining in town this morning.

Brave members of the 2nd Abingdon Scouts had a gazebo on the Market Place, and were selling tickets for their annual fireworks that takes place behind Long Furlong Community Centre on Saturday 7th November. Gates Open at 6:30pm for fireworks starting some time later.

Advance Tickets: Family £12, Single £4.
On the night: Family £15, Single £5.

Members of the Abingdon Army Cadets were out in force selling poppies.
Abingdon Artists
Undercover, at St Nicolas Church, Abingdon Artists had an exhibition.
Abingdon Artists
A lot of people went to the second weekend of the Craft Fair at the Old Abbey Buildings.
Abingdon Artists
There are also local crafts to be bought at Added Ingredients who have a display of local pottery.
Abingdon Artists
There was a final workshop at the Community Space led by the Abingdon Flower Club before taking down their window display.

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Unicorn School Exhibition at County Hall Museum

Unicorn School Exhibition
At Abingdon County Hall Museum, there is a one week exhibition (until Nov 1st) of artwork by students from the Unicorn School in Abingdon – a specialist school for students with dyslexia. It is called ‘Opening Daws’ and coincides with Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW).
Unicorn School Exhibition
It shows artwork, sculpture and descriptive works that look at what it is like learning and creating when you have dyslexia.
Unicorn School Exhibition
Watching the presentation, in the exhibition, you get a real sense of the difficulties students with dyslexia have. It is not one condition but a lot of different conditions where people find it difficult to read writing on a page – some perceptual, some problems of processing.

In the room next door in the attic, there is a new display of Abingdon artifacts – so well worth a visit, if you are able to climb stairs.

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