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Street Advertising in Abingdon – How times have changed

There was a time, not so long ago (probably about 5-6 years), when the Vale of White Horse District Council had a strict policy towards roadside advertising, and local organisations did not feel they could promote their events effectively to passing traffic.

Now the policy seems far more lenient.
Street Advertising in Abingdon
The road barrier, left in place because of troubles with the River Stert Culvert underneath, has become the temporary town noticeboard.
Street Advertising in Abingdon
You cannot have missed there and elsewhere that Sweet Charity by Abingdon Operatic Society is on this week. The musical at the Amey Theatre follows a dancer through the night clubs of New York in search of love, and includes well known songs such as: ‘Big Spender’, ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ and ‘If My Friends Could See Me Now’.
Street Advertising in Abingdon
The system works well enough so long as events are local and are removed soon afterwards – not always the case: Mad Up Reunion in Reading back in May is still up at the end of October on Stratton Way.

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Italian Market in Abingdon Today

Italian Market
Today, on the Abingdon Market Place, Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society (ADTTS ) had a stall with a lot of information about one of our twins – the beautiful city of Lucca – in Tuscany, Central Italy.
Italian Market
There was also ‘Italia in Piazza’ – an Italian Food Market, with pasta, bread, cheese, hams, olives etc.
Italian Market
There was an opera singer singing Arias (thanks to Steve for this picture. Steve was on the Friends of Radley Lakes stall who were also there with a Tombola and sale).
Italian Market
Elsewhere in Abingdon there are already many Italian influences, especially food outlets. The Ask Italian Food restaurant is situated in a building that could fit into an Italian Piazza – surrounded by Olive Trees.

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Cats in the Belfry

When Marmite was little more than a kitten he disappeared from his house in West St Helen Street. The family went in search but none of the neighbours had seen the black and white cat.

A couple of days went by and the bell ringers at St Helen’s Church were practicing when their youngest member went up to the bell tower to check scrabbling noises they had all heard.

Up there he saw a poor frightened cat, and told the others not to ring the bells. He clambered across near the bells and managed to get hold of the cat, took it down and released it outside.
Marmite re-appeared back home and the family were surprised and delighted wondering where he had been. He was very hungry.

Thanks to Isaac for this true life story from the Belfry, and to Jon for a picture of Marmite as a kitten.

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Nags Head – 2 years on

Nags Head - 2 years on
Two years ago the Nags Head re-opened. It had been a failing pub and was closed for quite some time. During the first winter the pub was refurbished very tastefully and the first year was a success.
Nags Head - 2 years on
During the second winter decking was added to improve the island, and the second year has gone well.

More improvements are underway to landscape the near end of the island.
Nags Head - 2 years on
The pub now has it’s own beer, and as well being in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for the second year running, has retained the title of Town & Country Pub of the Year.

To celebrate there will be a Beer Festival this weekend from 24th to the 26th October with 28 beers and 10 ciders.

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Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo blows into Abingdon

Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
Hurricane Gonzalo caused widespread damage when it hit Bermuda last week.

By the time the tail end of the storm hit Abingdon around midday today there was still enough puff to give the Town Flag a good flap.
Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
On street corners – like the one pictured on Bath Street – leaves were spun round in little whirlwinds.
Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo
And out on the riverside walks near Abingdon it would have been sensible to wear a hard hat. I saw branches and twigs coming down.

It was still breezy this evening, and temperatures had dropped.

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