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May 2014 – Local Excellence Market

The Local Excellence Market, organised by Choose Abingdon, was in town today.
Local Excellence Market
The Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Angela Lawrence, and Councillor Hermann Matheson, were selling wrist bands for next Saturday’s Music in the Park where Angela will be singing the lead in Rule Britannia.
Local Excellence Market
Yvonne, a chocolate artist from Chocolate Tree, was getting people to create their own chocolate decorations.
Local Excellence Market
Q Gardens, up on Milton Hill, are the largest fruit farm in Oxfordshire, and they also grow a lot of veg. They had a fine display of seasonal asparagus.
Local Excellence Market
Designs in Glass helped restore some of the heraldic panels during the refurbishment of Abingdon County Hall. On display they had ornaments, and some of their modern window designs.
Local Excellence Market
More local excellence will be featured next time there is a Local Excellence Market.

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Abingdon Russian Fat Cat Exhibition attracts National and International Media Interest

Artweeks in Abingdon
For the next week there is an exhibition in The Barn at Stonehill House (OX14 4AA) called From Icons to I-Cats, showing contemporary Russian Icons alongside masterpieces of Russian Art with the cat, Zarathustra, added in various poses.
Artweeks in Abingdon
This exhibition has attracted a lot of interest from the media with features in:
BBC – Entertainment
The Independent
Huffington Post

Images of I-cats are available from:

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Jenny’s last offering to the ‘lovely people of Abingdon’

Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancer Gives up Beer
Jenny is leaving the area and has done a wonderful job in running the Folk at the Unicorn concerts for the last two and a half years. Jenny’s last offering to the ‘lovely people of Abingdon’ was the young duo of Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, winners of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards: Horizon Award.

Mike, who does the lights, will be taking over as he thinks the concerts have been so good and wants to see them carrying on.

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Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancer Gives up Beer to Save Lives

Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancer Gives up Beer
The Deputy Bag Man of the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers is giving up Beer and Coffee and will be only drinking water for the next two weeks to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat institution. He has managed the first day, but it is going to be a tough challenge. Sponsorship will encourage him to last the next two weeks with no beer or coffee – H2OOnly.

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Eben Lark Descending

Back Street for a Lark
In February 2008 this blog reported that Bee and Lark have flown. Two shops had closed in the same week: the Busy Bee (West St Helen Street Newsagent), and the Eben Lark (Furniture and Furnishings – now the Art Lounge of The Lounge Cafe).

The Eben Lark is returning to Abingdon – descending into the Busy Bee’s old shop in West St Helen Street.

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