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Looking back at Palm Sunday and Good Friday

On Palm Sunday there was the first concert by the Abingdon Gospel Choir – founded just a few months ago. They were joined by some members of the Oxford Gospel Choir and sang spiritual songs in aid of helping a team from Nicaragua go to the Street Child World Cup in Brazil.
Then on Good Friday there was a procession from the Charter to a service inside St Nicolas Church.
A few years ago you might have seen lots of people standing with crosses on the Market Place in Abingdon on Good Friday, but times have changed and this year Revd. Richard Bittleston’s was to be seen without a flock, carrying a solitary cross.

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Charity Run, Music & Dancing

Justin Lovstrom
Justin Lovstrom, one of Abingdon’s best loved posties, will be running along the Thames path on 3/4 May from Richmond to Oxford, via Abingdon Bridge – 100 miles within 28 hours. Money raised will go to the Amber Phillpott Trust and the Oxford Heart Centre.

Donations can be made at
Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers
Yesterday – St George’s Day – was celebrated in style by The Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers who began their music and dancing at the Old Anchor, continued at The Kings Head & Bell and then ended the evening at The Punch Bowl.

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Harcourt Way Tree Nursery

Harcourt Way Tree Nursery
Matthew let me know that there are plans to build 8 flats for emergency housing with associated parking at the old Harcourt Way Tree Nursery. (The plans can be viewed at P14/V0710/FUL ).
Harcourt Way Tree Nursery
The trees (seen to the left of this picture) have had time to get more firmly established , and seeded more trees, since the last time plans were put forward in 2009. That was for 14 flats for emergency housing. On that occasion there was a lot of opposition to the loss of what was considered a nature reserve alongside the Stert not far from Boxhill Walk.

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The “twinning stone”

The Twinning Stone
The “twinning stone” at the junction of Preston Road and Bergen Avenue was erected in 1970 when the roads on the Sutton Fields estate in South Abingdon were named after the towns with which Abingdon was either twinned with or has a friendship link. Visitors from the twin towns are often take to see this stone and shown “their road “.

The stone had become illegible because of weathering. The twin towns society ADTTS approached the Town Council to see if they would arrange to get it cleaned but the reply was that no money was available.

ADTTS decided to have a go at cleaning it and the pictures show the Vice Chair of ADTTS Peter Dodd cleaning the stone last Friday.
The Twinning Stone

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Easter Bank Holiday Monday

Easter Bank Holiday
About 20 motor scooters gathered mid morning on the Market Place, and were to be seen buzzing round town afterwards.
Easter Bank Holiday
People were sitting outside at Costa, Java&Co and Throwing Buns.

About half the shops in Abingdon town centre were open. Meanwhile the Fairacres out of town shopping centre, and Millets farm, were having a busy bank holiday as people looked to buy things for the house and garden.
Easter Bank Holiday
I was not aware of any particular events in town. But there were quite a few people just visiting and walking down East St Helen’s Street, looking at the Alms Houses, and popping into St Helen’s Church where there were displays of Easter Lilies round the church. There is a growing tradition at St Helens for people to give donations for displays of lilies at Easter – to remember people they have lost.
Easter Bank Holiday
Even more people were going to the river and the parks, and Mister Whippy was doing a steady trade.
Easter Bank Holiday
Kevin from Walkabout Abingdon says that he already has a lot of forward bookings and endorsements as he enters into the second year of providing visitors with guided walks round Abingdon. He will be starting again in May, but today he was just enjoying the quiet bank holiday. He said he has recently started tweeting and recently tweeted “The History of Abingdon in 140 characters.” He asks if others would like to try to do better.

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