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The Crown and Thistle Back Entrance Dispute

Crown and Thistle
The Crown and Thistle has closed for refurbishment work to commence, and work should have started by now.

But instead of that, the scaffolding has been taken down again because of a dispute.

The Crown and Thistle has a front entrance onto Bridge Street that is used by pedestrians. It would be dangerous, and cause congestion, receiving deliveries and letting customers’ vehicles in that way. And so the pub is dependent on the back entrance which uses a council owned, council maintained, road. It is rumored that the council (not sure whether that is County, District or Town) has decided to bump up the charge that the Crown and Thistle pay for use of that road from 3 to 10 breadsticks a year.

Negotiations are carrying on between the parties. The 10K may have been in the council’s money saving plan, but it was not in the pub’s redevelopment plan.

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Broad Face to Open under new management

Broad Face To Re-open
There are notices in the windows of the Broad Face to say that it will be opening tomorrow, 25th June 2013 – before a lot of people realised it had closed. The gastro pub has now had four Landlords in a year, but the new management, this time round, may not be entirely new- if rumour is to believed. They were the chefs working with Mr R while he was in charge, and now he has gone to pastures new, they have taken over the Broad Face.

People raved about the food when Mr R was in charge. A lot of that must also have been down to the new men in charge.

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Carswell School Summer Fete

Carswell School Summer Fete
Not far from the Mayor of Ock Street celebrations, featured yesterday, Carwell School Summer Fete was happening. It began rainy, but soon brightened up.
Carswell School Summer Fete
The Deputy Head was in the stocks, having wet sponges thrown at him by pupils, parents, and in this case by a school governor by the name of Ann Bittleston.
Carswell School Summer Fete
I gambled 50p on the Carswell Human Fruit Machine but an apple and two pineapples was not a winning combination.

The fete is organised by the Friends of Carwell School, formerly known as the PTA, to get extra funds for the school.

St Edmunds also had a fete in the afternoon.

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Mayor of Ock Street 2013/14

Mayor of Ock Street
Today was the day when the people of Ock Street had the chance to vote for their Mayor for next year.
Mayor of Ock Street
Lesley Arygle was Mayor of Ock Street for seventeen years and still attends the annual day of dance.
Mayor of Ock Street
There were a lot of Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers out today, many young.
Mayor of Ock Street
There were fewer visitors. Pictured above are the Berkshere Bedlam, the visiting team, from Wokingham.
Mayor of Ock Street
Stuart Jackson another ex Mayor of Ock Street held the office for eleven years.

But the real legends of Abingdon Morris Dancing are The Hemmings Family – a dynasty that Mayored Ock Street for much of the twentieth century.
Mayor of Ock Street
This year Roger Cox was up against two very good candidates, but he won again for the seventh or eighth time, on a very good turnout, and can be seen being chaired along Ock Street.

Behind the scenes the story of this years Mayor Making was that a younger generation have taken over organising the event.

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The Barns Café on Northcourt Road

The Barns Café
The Barns Café on Northcourt Road has been open for five weeks and is already well known in the area, and was doing a fine trade this lunchtime.
The Barns Café
A visiting mum, over from Australia, to be with her family, was very pleased to have found The Barns.
The Barns Café
 There are two upstairs seating areas, for those who would like a better view of the old timbers. One side has board games to play on a rainy day.
The Barns Café
It is opposite the shops in Northcourt Road with plenty of parking round the back. You can like them on facebook or visit in person ( Tue – Fri: 09:00 – 16:30 ).

The community enterprise has been set up by Christchurch in one of their many barns.

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