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Saturday in Town

Saturday in Town
In town this morning poppy boxes were being delivered to shops.
Saturday in Town
On the Market Place there were stalls giving away free samples of food and drink as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Food and Drink Showcase. The stall in the picture is Rosie’s Tea Room.
Saturday in Town
In the Guildhall the Abingdon Alzheimer’s Club Day Centre had their annual sale of festive crafts, bric a brac and books.
Saturday in Town
Then there was the ACF Craft Fair in the Old Abbey Buildings where a strolling accordion player added to the atmosphere.

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Nags Head Re-opens (Not as a Tesco Extra but as Pub)

Nags Head Re-opened
The Nags Head Public House re-opened today.
Nags Head Re-opened
The Nags Head pub closed about two years ago. Two other pubs closed at about the same time and have re-opened since as Tesco Extras (The Fitzharris Arms and The Ox).

The Nags Head has re-opened as a public house looking better than ever – inside and out.
Nags Head Re-opened
That is all down to Dushan Salwathura the new Landlord. Dushan was formerly Landlord of the Broad Face.

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Rain of last 24 hours

Regarding the heavy rain last night Peter S emailed me to say: a moat has formed at the castle mound off the Motte, there is a raging torrent under the footbridge over the Stert at Boxhill, and the underpass to town from Bath street is flooded. He didn’t send pictures though so you will have to imagine some of that.
Rain of last 24 hours
Last weekend we got caught in quite a rain shower walking back from Sunningwell to Abingdon. Clouds looked dramatic beforehand.
Rain of last 24 hours
The rain hit us as we crossed over the A34.

Northbound, towards Oxford a rainbow coloured the sky.
Rain of last 24 hours
Southbound, all the colour had seaped out of the land – as my camera saw it.
Rain of last 24 hours
Before doing this blog I did pop out to check the underpass. Still flooded – so no need to imagine that one.

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What visitors think of Abingdon

What Visitors Think
This evening was the Annual Public Meeting of the Choose Abingdon Partnership.
What Visitors Think
The outgoing Chairman (pictured) has been in the job for the three years – since the partnership started – and a new chap took over tonight.

The most interesting part of the evening was a report on how visitors perceive Abingdon.  Good perceptions were:  the town’s appearance and cleanliness,  good service and welcome in shops / eating places – service was particularly good at the Tourist Information Centre. Not so good were: public toilets, vacant shops and confusing signage.

Visitors tended to be 56 years or older, and come for a family or public event, and are not drawn in by publicity but by word of mouth, or they are revisiting. They will come back and will recommend the town.

My report is an oversimplification. The full report will be available on the internet in due course.

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Hugh’s Path

Hugh's Path
In September 2011 this blog showed the efforts of some locals to clear the path at the side of St Michael’s Church. The path had been once kept clear by Hugh Randolph,  who took great pride in the appearance of his neighbourhood.

In recognition local residents have renamed the path, formerly known by Oxfordshire County Council as ‘path 16′, as Hugh’s Path.

Read more about Hugh, who passed away in 2006, in the Aaahs Spring 2006 newsletter (a word doc).

(Thanks Iain for the story)

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