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Good Progress on new shopping centre roofs but some leaks after heavy rain

Good Above
Progress up above the shopping centre is looking good. But today the heavy rain caused some leaks in the shops down below.

There also seemed fewer Market Stalls than usual as the rain kept some stall holders away.

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Saturday Only

It has been raining most of Sunday as the weather forecast predicted.
Motocross at Culham Park
For three or four weeks now, an event at Culham Park (over the River Thames from Abingdon) has been advertised around Abingdon on roadside signs.

The event combined Motocross with a family amusement event.

As the event neared, the weather forecast looked good for Saturday but bad for Sunday.  

And so  ”Saturday Only”  appeared on signs. The main events were switched to Saturday as the organisers did not want to fall victim to the weather. There was still Motocross on the rainy Sunday and could be seen from across the river.
Motocross at Culham Park
As it happens they had a glorious Saturday at the Motocross and Kids Zone.
Motocross at Culham Park
Sunday morning started overcast and then the rain set in and has continued until now. The forecasters and organisers got it right.

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Story Lab Challenge @AbingdonLibrary

Story Lab Challenge
Thanks to Iain for this picture and report …

Story Lab is a scheme Abingdon Library have been running over the summer with the able assistance of some young volunteers.

The challenge they set children was to read 6 books over the summer holidays. Today there was a ceremony in the library where the mayor presented medals and certificates to children who had successfully completed the challenge.

Rosie the librarian told watching parents that over 500 children had participated this year, with more than 200 completing the challenge, which is more than 100 more than last year. Between them they read an impressive 2000 books over the holidays.

We are very lucky to have such an active and well supported library in Abingdon. Follow them on twitter @AbingdonLibrary.

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MGB 50th anniversary celebration – 10 MGBs on display in Abingdon

Eve of MGB 50
MGB enthusiasts and retired workers from the MGB production line in Abingdon  will be meeting at Blenheim Palace for the 50th anniversary of the MGB tomorrow.
Eve of MGB 50
It was first launched in September 1962 and ceased production in October 1980.
Eve of MGB 50
This afternoon ten MGBs assembled on the Market Place in Abingdon, and others were to be seen driving, or parked, in town today.
Eve of MGB 50
The last MGB to be produced, painted bronze, is on fairly permanent display at Abingdon Conty Hall Museum.

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Summer improvements at Preston Road Community Centre

£30,000 worth of refurbishment work has been completed at Preston Road Community Centre over the summer.
Preston Road Community Centre
The ladies’ toilets have been completely refurbished by local business, Abingdon Bathrooms.
Preston Road Community Centre
New energy efficient boilers have been installed, new doors added, and more storage created for community groups by better use of space.
Preston Road Community Centre
This picture shows the ex leader of The Vale of White Horse District Council (2009-2011) , Tony De Vere, helping to paint the new storage area this afternoon. His wife Mary is one of the main stays of  the Community Centre and Tony is often on hand to help out when needed.

The recent work was funded by WREN –Waste Recycling Environmental – to the sum of  £21,000. The Vale of White Horse District Council gave £2,607 and Abingdon Town Council gave £1,000.  The rest of the money was raised by the Community Centre. Previously WREN grants have helped refurbish the men’s loos (2008) and the kitchen (2006).

Preston Road Community Centre is the local community centre for 11,000 inhabitants of Abingdon – one third of the town.

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