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Good first day for Open Air Swimming and Passenger Boats to Oxford

First Day for
The Open Air Pool re-opened this morning and had its best first day for many a long year thanks to the lovely weather.
First Day for
The first Salter’s passenger boat left at 11:30 this morning to Oxford. There was a queue waiting and most seats were taken.
First Day for
On the Market Place the Church in Abingdon were celebrating Pentecost (the church’s birthday) with children’s activities.
First Day for
Trinity Church had a summer fair outside and inside today. I see next week we at Trinity Church will be joining Abingdon Baptist Church for a Jubilee Service followed by the Ock Street Jubilee Party.

I have also been asked to mention this evening at St Helen’s Church there will be a concert at 19:30 with the Isis Chamber Orchestra

Haydn – Symphony No. 26 Lamentatione

Bartók – Divertimento

Crusell – Clarinet Concerto No. 3

Haydn – Symphony No. 98, Bb major.

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Are they really ugly ducklings?

Back in mid march, during the last time we had a spell of warm weather, this blog captured two swans in the middle of love making.
not ugly ducklings
It is good to see that they now have a family.
not ugly ducklings
Hans Christian Andersen went a bit far calling them ugly ducklings .

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The sun shines on the Old County Hall

The sun has been out for a couple of days and people have been out in summer clothes.
For the first time today people could walk through the undercroft of the County Hall.
I have never seen it looking so light and bright.
There are now uplights in the pavements round the building, some of them in the new pavement at the front. I look forward to seeing it at night with the lights on.

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A Local Project to Harness Energy from the River Thames at Abingdon

We have all looked at the water going over the weir and wondered why it is not being harnessed.

The  Environment Agency have just granted a licence to generate hydroelectric power from the River Thames at Abingdon to a not for profit enterprise run by local Abingdon people.
Abingdon Hydro
It will affect this not very beautiful view near Abingdon Weir
Abingdon Hydro
and will be a new feature along this short section of footpath …
Abingdon Hydro
The fish pass and change from two screws, not three,  look like changes from previous pictures I have seen.

Planning permission will be needed next and if that goes well there could be a share offer in the autumn to finance the project and construction next year.

The Archimedes screws are over 3 metres in diameter, and they turn quite slowly.  The architect will do their best harmonise the design with the area before putting in the planning application. It will after all be an interesting attraction for visitors.

It is anticipated that they will produce 100 kilowatts. This is equivalent to about 200 average houses.

The project will cost about a million pounds, to be funded by shares. The local people leading the project hope that a good proportion of the shareholders will be local.  They say the interest rate will be competitive. Any remaining profit will go into a community fund, to be used locally. For more details visit Abingdon Hydro.

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Two completely different games of football in Southern Town Park

Two games of Football
On Sunday I saw two completely different games of football happening at the same time in Southern Town Park. This was the weekend of the annual Abingdon Youth FC Festival of Football. So on one side 150 teams, from age under 9 to under 15, were playing in a series or tournaments.
Two games of Football
Nearby over on the rugby pitches, American Football had started, and the Oxford Saints beat Gloucester Centurions 41-0. The Saints next host Bristol Apache at Abingdon RFC on Sunday 27th May.
Two games of Football
They bring their own goalposts and vocabulary such as “…the oxford Defence was generating turnovers through fumble recoveries…” and “… a brief spell of punt trading…” and “…Jonny Dover tacked on his 3rd PAT out of 4…
Two games of Football
Back at the Youth Football there was a replica FA Cup, and lots of stalls. On one stall there was a signed picture of the Chelsea team who have just won the UEFA Champions League on Saturday beating Bayern Munich on penalties.

After this victory, the headline in the Süddeutsche Zeitung read “How much bad luck fits into one match?”. The Gazzetta dello Sport reported on the temporary  Chelsea Manager Di Matteo saying “Two and a half months at the helm were sufficient to initiate a series of miracles”.

In The Guardian we read of “The Great Escape.”

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