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Christmas Holidays extended …

Swans Holiday
On a walk to Culham and back I took a picture of a swan and then an almost grown cygnet at the old Culham bridge where Swift Ditch rejoins the Thames.
Swans Holiday
They paddled upstream at a steady pace, met up with a larger group of swans, and then paddled past.

Some people are preparing to go back to work after the Christmas break. Other people, working on essential / caring services, have never stopped.

The company I work for asks employees to save three of their annual holidays to use at this time of year – so that the company can close down for the week between the Christmas and New Year bank holidays.  So I am now into extended Christmas Holiday.
Swans Holiday
As for swans, every day has its routine. They need to check out their territory, find food, and ward off any dangers, etc…  That routine cannot be called either work or leisure. Swans don’t get holidays.

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Footway Work

Footway Work
Footway work is to start in West St Helen’s Street early in the new year and continue for about 11 weeks. Footway must be the official term, as opposed to pavement .
Footway Work
All the coloured markings that were made almost a year ago are now explained.

Apart from a bit of disruption it will be good to have the pavements brought up to the level of the rest of the town centre – possibly even better if it is to take 11 weeks.

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Strange time of year for camping

People without a home
Not a good time of year to be sleeping out. I saw this tent near the river a couple of days back. Sleeping rough is not so obviously an issue here in Abingdon as in a city like Oxford but it happens. We are all made aware of homelessness at Christmas. But still a long way to go until warmer days.

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas
A Very Happy Christmas and thanks for looking in.

The first picture shows Abingdon Town Band playing carols at the Waitrose exit – helping to cheer up people doing Christmas  food shopping.

Town centre lights are looking good this year …
Happy Christmas
The County Hall is now without scaffolding, and fitted for the next 50-100 years.
Happy Christmas
The Market Place decorations are seeing their 3rd or 4th Christmas.
Happy Christmas
Lewis Baker always does a good Christmas show.
Happy Christmas
As do Helen and Douglas House.
Happy Christmas
Children are so important at Christmas.

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Bins without a proper home

Bins without a home
When the Old Gaol development began there was no longer room for the bins that some of the traders up Bridge Street used to park round the back of the Old Police Station. As a temporary measure those bins were moved to the front of the Old Police Station.

Two years on, those traders, without back entrances, are still in need of a better place to put those bins. I’m not sure they will be allowed back into the area designated for new restaurants in the Old Gaol.  Any ideas?

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