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Waitrose are staying open later….

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Waitrose are staying open later. They have been opening earlier for a couple of months now and are now staying open longer.
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This is the view from Queens Street to the Market Place. This narrow passageway is likely to be more used in future as there are taxi halts through there – intended to replace those on East St. Helen Street …
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and so notices saying ‘Taxi Rank This Way‘ and ‘East St. Helen St. Rank has Closed‘ .
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Perhaps cigarette bins have been there for a while but it is the first time I have noticed them on the Market Place. Some places also have chewing gum bins.

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Green Gym – renewing a path near us

Christmas in Abingdon
Last time I saw the Green Gym working near us they were wood chipping some of the paths near the River Ock, litter picking, and planting trees. That was back in January. They were there again yesterday renewing a path I use most days.

The wood chip is provided by the town council staff. Everything chopped back in that area will either get left to decay naturally or recycled for paths.
Christmas in Abingdon
The trees planted back in January looked very small to start with. Some are still bunched up inside the protective sheath but others have made it to the next stage.

The Green Gym program can be seen here.

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Magazine – Christmas in Abingdon 2011

Christmas in Abingdon
Paul and Mike from the Chamber of Commerce were handing out their new glossy magazine: Christmas in Abingdon 2011. Get a copy at ER Goffs and many other places.

In it I see that coming up to Christmas there are the following Market Place events…

1. Abingdon Extravaganze Evening – Thursday 1st December (from 5pm) – Theme Kings and Queens
2. Abingdon Christmas Craft Fair – Sat 3rd December (10am to 3pm)
3. Reindeer (and Santa) in the the Market Place – Sat 10th December (from 10:30am) – Two hours Free Parking will have started by then
4. Nativity in the Market Place (with donkeys) – Sat 17th December
5. Gift wrapping and  shopping advice service – Sat 24th December

(Text the word Abingdon to 64546 and get these dates direct to your mobile).

By the way, Hester and myself have stopped maintaining after two years as we feel there are now better sites available. will now redirect you to the Choose Abingdon What’s On where you can add your own events. I hope that will happen and it will take off. Also very good, and with more events at the moment is the Abingdon Town Council’s What’s On. To get info added to that email: .

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The Harp Opened Last Night

The Harp
The Plough re-opened last night – renamed as The Harp.

Looking back at the 1869 Abingdon Who’s who in Abingdon Library I see that it was called The Plough as far back as 1869 (run by S Shewry) – and was near the Railway Hotel (run by C Wyatt).

Other pubs to be found along Stert Street at that time included…

Lamb and Flag (W Dyer)
The Bear (William West)
George & Dragon (Tomothy West)
Butchers’ Arms (Frederick Wiblin)
Two Brewers (W Atkins)
Roebuck Inn (Mrs Valentine)
Bee hive

There was also John Trip, a beer retailer.

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Hot Dog Eating Contest @ Kings Head and Bell for Children in Need

Hot Dog Eating Contest
There were two teams – each supplied with ketchup bottles – at the start of the Kings Head and Bell pub’s hot dog eating contest – part of their weekend’s activities to raise funds for Children in Need.
Hot Dog Eating Contest
The Landlord is seen here bringing out a few of the hot dogs. Two judges and the Landlord were there to ensure fair play.
Hot Dog Eating Contest
Plenty of tomato ketchup seemed a good tactic…
Hot Dog Eating Contest
The tie round the forehead showed how serious some people took the contest …
Hot Dog Eating Contest
After a while the judges joined in helping the team they were watching to eat all the hot dogs.

Finally it was the team who enlisted the most people who won the prize – a bottle of champagne.

That prize was then donated and auctioned for Children in Need.
Hot Dog Eating Contest
Here are the judges with the couple who made the winning £20 bid for the champagne – Ken and Cathy.

By that stage a total of £1500 had been raised by customers of the pub for Children in Need. I look forward to hearing the final total.

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