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A company with a long history

Nuffield Press  has been put into administration.
Nuffield Press
Nuffield Press began printing the Morris Owner in 1925 from the original Morris Motors factory in Cowley.  They were originally called the Morris Oxford Press and renamed as Nuffield Press in 1942.
Nuffield Press
They began printing Morris and MG periodicals from the original Morris Factory in Cowley – a building that looks as if it has been converted to housing.
Nuffield Press
Nuffield Press are now located in Abingdon down the bottom of what is Nuffield Way,  and part of the Nuffield Centrum, and adjacent to what was once the MG Works.

Since the 80’s Nuffield Press has diversified away from the Motor Industry into magazines, catalogues, brochures and college prospectuses.  They are a good company with a solid reputation and plenty of history – according to comments in the trade journal Print Week , but times are tough for printers

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More Mediterranean Abingdon

Lemon Grove
The restaurant at 5 The Square has been sympathetically painted to tone in with the neighbours, and two lemon trees placed in front. The food appears to come more from the southern Mediterranean with dishes like Falafel, Kafta Meshwi, and Cous Cous Merquez. The premises was previously Salinas who did Moroccan and Lebanese menus.

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June 2011 Slideshow with Robin and Bells

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Near the end of blooming June

At the start of June a lot of the town’s public flowers beds had nothing but raked soil. But now at the end of June they are all planted and we had sunshine today.
In Bloom
This flat flower looks a little more interesting this year – not just the uniform bedding plants but also a small tree and spikey foliage.
In Bloom
The Guildhall is looking better, and this trailer beneath the window of the Mayor’s parlour is a more interesting feature.
In Bloom
There is the usual display at St Helen’s Wharf. It looks good from the river and from the road but it is the same every year. Needs lots of watering in today’s hot weather.
In Bloom
In the formal gardens of the Abbey Gardens there is also a fairly typical arrangement. I do wonder what would happen if the creative expertise of our town’s flower shops was unleashed on the town’s flower beds.

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Calling parishioners to church

Near St Helens Bells
From our garden we can see some of the steeple of St Helen’s Church.
Near St Helens Bells
Clink here to hear a sample of St Helen’s bells recorded this morning when the bells were calling parishioners to church.

When the bells were hung in 2006, according to my 2006 blog , the intention was “to make them quieter for the houses down below because of the way the bells are hung in relation to the louvre opening, but that the sound should travel further.”

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