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North Abingdon Christmas Lights – 2010

North Abingdon Lights
This view is across the large green off the Northcourt Road …
North Abingdon Lights
Merry Christmas from Northcourt.
North Abingdon Lights
Ho Ho Ho’ and ’Merry  Christmas’ from Peachcroft.
North Abingdon Lights
Santa Claus climbs up the chimney near the Radley Road.

Some of the more notable displays from previous years were not to be seen this year but there were still plenty of people willing to brighten up the dark nights with a display of Christmas Lights.

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In the Bleak Mid Winter

Frozen Mill Stream
Frosty Wind Made Moan
Frozen Cars
Earth Stood Hard as Iron
Frozen Ock
Water like a stone
Frozen Thames
Snow kept falling snow on snow…

In the Bleak Mid Winter not so long ago.

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Christmas Trees in 2010

Christmas Trees
This festive season began in a fairly normal way. There was a light frost when the Christmas Trees appeared for sale at Peachcroft Farm, direct from the grower.
Christmas Trees
Last weekend, All Saints Methodist Church held a Christmas Tree Festival. There were about 20 trees, including one from the Abingdon Writers.
Christmas Trees
Thanks to Jan for these pictures. She said the Police tree had blue flashing lights! The festival raised £400 for charity.
Christmas Trees
With only a week to go to, St Nicolas Church decorated their tree.
Christmas Trees
The Market Place Christmas tree now looks totally splendid – covered in snow.

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From a Bell Tower

Bell Tower
A view from the tower looking up East St Helen Street
Bell Tower
A view from the tower looking towards the Old Gaol.
Bell Tower
The Sanctus bell in the tower dating from 1641.
Bell Tower
A carved stone face on the spire.

(Thanks to Mark and Brian for these pictures from St Helen’s Church.)

I saw somebody waiting anxiously at the church door for the arrival of the wedding party. There were a lot of events called off because of the snow.

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Christmas Holiday Snow

Snow Fall
Start of the school holidays and Abingdon has finally got the snow most of the rest of the country seems to have been reporting in recent days and weeks.
Snow Fall
We woke to the suprise of snow – which got deeper and deeper throughout the morning.
Snow Fall
On the last Saturday before Christmas there were a fair few people in town – perhaps not wanting to venture further to places like Oxford or Reading on such a day.

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