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New spider#s web climbing frames in before haloween

Two new spider’s web climbing frames have made an appearance in Abingdon in the last few days…
Spider Web Climbing
One is in River Close playground – at the dead centre where there used to be nothing.
Spider Web Climbing
The other is at Caldecott Rec. also at the centre where there used to be nothing.

There is, of course, nothing strange or wonderful in all of that …

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Mostly Gervase Phinn

Gervase Phinn
Mostly Books have been responsible for many celebrities coming to Abingdon, in recent years. Tonight Gervase Phinn – best selling author, raconteur and Yorkshireman – spoke to a packed Guildhall. He also spoke to most individuals coming into or out of the hall as that is where the book signing table was set.

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More Moorings

New Moorings
New piles have been sunk on the other bank of the Thames to help secure that bank from further erosion. It might even provide space for a few more boats.

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Abingdon Autumn Craft Fair 2010

abingdon Craft Fair
After an incident two years ago when this wall got demolished by a delivery lorry, it has been given added protection in 2010 for the Craft Fair .
abingdon Craft Fair
Abingdon Autumn Craft Fair takes place over two long weekends in October (Thursday 21 – Sunday 24 and Thursday 28 – Sunday 31 ). It is at Abingdon’s medieval Abbey buildings…
abingdon Craft Fair
a place much loved by pigeons. These two were engaged in a lot of heavy pecking and amorous fluttering, quite unconcerned by the crowds milling between the food halls below.

Inside the main hall there were many new and well known stalls.
abingdon Craft Fair
Very familiar and in his usual position, Mr Kemp offered passers by some of his fine Sloe Gin. Sloes are not the sort of fruit easily cultivated, but are generally harvested from the hedgerows – often by people looking to supplement pensions.

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Abingdon Alzheimer’s Autumn Sale

The Alzheimer’s Club had a sale at the Guildhall. The craft objects on offer had been made as an activity by members of the club which meets at Abingdon Community Hospital – Monday to Friday. The money raised was to support that Alzheimer’s Club - which helps provide stimulation and social interaction.
Alzheimers Autumn Sale
Picture taken during the raffle draw.

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