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Museum Staff leaving the building

Museum Staff leave the building
Museum Staff are seen here leaving the building for the last time as it closes for refurbishment. Some will be back when it reopens but for others this could be goodbye.

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Long before Halloween …

Old Gaol
Here Lyeth Y Body of Thomas Allen in St Helen’s Churchyard.

Long before Halloween came to represent dressing up, begging, and the threat of  vandalism, it meant All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) or the night before All Saints’ (Hallows’) Day – the day when Christians used to celebrate those who had gone on to become saints.

Long before Halloween there were older traditions. For example, at this time of year the Celtic festival of Samhain marked the night when the lighter half of the year gave way to the darker. On such a night, it was believed, that the division between this side of the grave and the other could weaken and break down … Wiki has more

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Old Gaol progress – October 2010

Old Gaol
This view of the Old Gaol from Bridge Street has seen no change since it was first revealed by demolishing part of the Old Police Station back in April.
Old Gaol
What is apparant is that Twickenham House is surrounded by scaffolding and is having the roof done. There will be pedestrian access to the Old Gaol from Twickenham House – which forms part of the complex.
Old Gaol
A hydraulic breaker continue to pound the ground where the swimming pool once was, trying to find the rubber brick!!!

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Freewheeling Halloween Ride

Freewheeling cycling group
The Freewheeling Halloween ride left the Market Place at around 7:15 this evening on a ride of about 15 miles. The instructions were to dress up as your favourite ghoul, zombify your bike, and bring cycle lights.

We had our first ever trick or treaters this evening – that is after living in West St Helen Street for five years. We used to get lots on the Tithe Farm estate.

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New Skinny Hippo Craft Shop

Skinny Hippo
Skinny Hippo has opened where cherries used to be in Bath Street. The shop offers a mixture of gifts including some fair trade and some made from recycled material.
Skinny Hippo
There is also a craft area where children of any age can create, and plenty of room for a children’s party. I think when they were trying to think of a name for the shop – as a family – one of the children drew a particularly scrawny looking hippopotamus … Skinny Hippo!

On Sunday there will be an opening event  starting at 11 ending about 4.

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