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Two Caldecott Landmark Trees

New Team Vicar
For as long as I have known there has been a grand colonade of trees along Caldecott Road. Most are Lime trees but there were some Chestnut trees near the bottom – the last of which was felled a week or so. Young trees have been planted nearby to replace the others.
New Team Vicar
Nearby, on St Amand Drive this large conifer was probably already established when Caldecott House stood on this site – the home of Doctor Barnardo’s from 1945 to 1971. In 1972 the Barnado’s Home was demolished and the present estate built. The giant tree has recently turned brown and could also be facing the axe.

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New Team Vicar starts today at St Nics and St Mikes

New Team Vicar
Revd Paul Smith has taken over as the new team vicar for St Nics and St Mikes. There was an inauguration service at St Helen’s last night. And he led the 9:30 sung mass at St Michael’s and the 11:30 Holy Communion at St Nicolas today. Both churches have been making and are making adjustments in preparation for his arrival to make the churches more accessible.

(The alpha course banners are out again as can be seen at St Nic’s. This annual course, into the meaning of life, is led by a few different churches in Abingdon. It begins with a meal at The Dil Raj Restaurant – Monday 27 Sept – tomorrow – 7:30 pm )

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Sami’s got a brand new …

Sami's New Kebab Trailer
Sami’s got a brand new Kebab Trailer.

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The Ock Valley Flood Group continue to clear stretches of the River Ock

Ock Valley Flood Group
The Ock Valley Flood Group, launched back in June,  continue to clear stretches of the River Ock and leave piles of rubbish to be picked up by council lorries. I had a photo of an even bigger pile a few weeks ago – which got lost when Facebook blew up my old laptop.
Ock Valley Flood Group

If the material collected by the flood group is not collected quick enough it can become the building blocks for new dams and bridges.

The group have taken a lot of trolleys back to Tesco and been given refreshments for their trouble. I was told that Tesco now even fit immobilisers to one wheel of trolleys – so only the more determined trolley pusher will get as far as the Ock Valley walk.

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The Abingdon waterfront takes some beating

Josephine Boat
Pictures thanks to John E, this morning.

He says Josephine plies the waterways of England; and the owner, from Canary Wharf, can even get her up to Lechlade by collapsing the superstructure!
Josephine Boat
The owner agreed with John that the Abingdon waterfront takes some beating.

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