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Wouldn’t it be nice

Spindle Tree
Wouldn’t it be nice if the the symptoms had been treated early – The Spindle Tree has just been axed.
Spindle Tree Caterpillars
The caterpillars were causing too many unsightly problems.
New Pavement on High Street broken
Wouldn’t it be nice if the new High Street pavement had been a job well done.
Stella Bottle
Wouldn’t it be nice if ticket machines gave refunds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?

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I will miss Abingdon very much

Charter Barber Closes
As one barber opens another closes.

Actually, The Charter Barber closed some time before The Cutting Bar opened so the comings and goings of these two businesses do not appear related.
Charter Barber Notice
The notice says “Farewell and Goodbye

A big thank-you to all our customers for your valued custom over the past 10 years….

I will miss Abingdon very much.

I wish everyone the best for the future… Sara…

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Finished off in Gold

Archway to the Church Yard
This archway leads from the world of East and West St Helen’s Streets into St Helen’s Church Yard.
Churchyard Cat
A churchyard cat seems as much a fixture as the old memorials on this warm May evening.
Churchyard Railings
The railings have been recently re-painted – black – and should now do for some time to come.
Gate by Brick Alley
The top of the gate by the Brick Alley Almshouses has even been finished off in gold.

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Sanctuary for Wildlife

View across Thrupp Lake
Notices from Northmoor Trust / nPower say
Welcome to Thrupp Lake
This area is a sanctuary for wildlife.
Please respect this site and other’s enjoyment of it.
Warning: the water in this lake is deep and dangerous.
Members of the public are prohibited from using the lake for
fishing swimming or other activities

View across Radley Lake
It was a lovely sunny day as we walked round by Radley Lakes…
Two Ducks
None of the wildlife we saw was that unusual.
One Ducks
But there is still some beauty in common things.

On the Northmoor Trust website there is a

Family and Community Day at Thrupp Lake, Radley
Thursday June 3, 2010
10am – 3pm drop in any time
Sandles building, Thrupp Lane, OX14 3NG

Spend a day exploring Thrupp Lake with the Northmoor Trust!
* supervised pond dipping * wildlife trails * games and art * vital conservation tasks – we provide the equipment.

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Boxing, Bungee Jumping, and Bugs

A number of events covered on the blog almost exactly a year ago have happened again…

Boxing Club
Abingdon Town Amateur Boxing Club had another boxing show. This year they took the show out of town to Didcot Town Football Club. Such shows are good fund raisers for their campaign to get a gym built in South Abingdon, and there could be a show in Abingdon later in the year.Bungee Jumping
There was Bungee Jumping at the Boundary House. Last year the crowds were round in the car park watching.  This year they were mostly in the pub garden, watching over the roof.
Spindle Tree
The Spindle Tree next to the Crown and Thistle was again attacked by bugs . The Spindle Ermine Moth Caterpillars have ravaged it again and left a parachute of silk behind … It grew back last year. Will it this?

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