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Good Friday – ABC on the Move, and Procession

Good Friday
In Abingdon there were a number of Good Friday church services. Both Trinity and Abingdon Baptist Church (ABC) met together at 10:30am for a joint service. This was the penultimate service at the Baptist Church before they leave the church for a major revamp. So it was a last chance to see the old pews, the backlit cross, and the crack above the alter.
Good Friday
ABC will be meeting most of the time at Carswell School during the revamp, and joining with Trinity for one Sunday morning every month.
Good Friday
There was a procession starting at 11:45 leading to the Market Place and then to St Nicolas for a service of the churches in Abingdon at 12:00. About 80-100 people took part in the traditional procession.

Good Friday is the day when Christians remember the Crucifixion of Jesus.

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Advent Day 23 – Eve of Christmas Eve

Eve of Christingle and Torchlight Service
At St Helen’s Church a team of people helped to make the Christingles for the Christmas Eve service at 4:30 pm.
Eve of Christingle and Torchlight Service
At Trinity we had a rehearsal for the Torchlight Service, also at 4:30pm on Christmas Eve. This year an apprentice astronomer spots a new star in the sky that the older astronomers (wise men) cannot explain. It leads to a stable in Bethlehem and some unexpected happenings.

There are lots of church services over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Here is a list of most of the Abingdon Churches …
Abbey Baptist Church – Checker Walk
Abingon Baptist Church – Ock Street
Abingdon Community Church – Thameside School
Abingdon Vineyard Church – Preston Road Community Centre
All Saints Church – Appleford Drive
Christ Church – Northcourt Road
Christ Church – Long Furlong School
Our Lady and St Edmund – Radley Road
Peachcroft Christian Centre – Peachcroft Road
Pearly Gates Church – Fitzharrys School
Society of Friends / Quakers – Audlett Drive
St Helen’s Parish Church – West St Helens Street
St Michael and All Angels – Park Road
St Nicolas Church – Market Place
Salvation Army – West St Helen Street
The Redeemed Christian Church of God – Stratton Way
Trinity Church – Conduit Road

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Winter Solstice

New Patisserie
The 21st December, the Winter Solstice, is the shortest day of the year. The 22nd December will be longer. Winter solstice is celebrated by some people as the darkness turning back to light.

The impact of winter is not as perilous as it once was. In medieval times life would have been hard and food in shortening supply. Many of the animals would be slaughtered to keep people alive. We still experience the short days but most of us escape the food shortages. I was in Waitrose earlier today, as we piled up our trolleys, and one lady said, ‘We won’t be going hungry!

The snow has melted but I did get a picture of snow balls in the shape of a stone circle in the Abbey Meadow a few days ago. People still go to stone circles to celebrate the Winter Solstice – four days ahead of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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16th November – Ælfric of Abingdon – d.1005

Ælfric of Abingdon
November 16th is Saint Ælfric’s Feast Day. Ælfric, a monk from Abingdon, went on to become Abbot of St Albans, and then Archbishop of Canterbury.
Ælfric of Abingdon
Quite by chance, during a lunchtime walk, I found the parish church of St Mary’s, in the parish of Cardington, was open and so had a few minutes to look round inside. One notable feature is a chapel dedicated to Samuel Whitbread, the brewer and his family, who was born in Cardington.

I also noticed a book of saints and pilgrims – open at 14th-15th November, and so turned the page to 16th-17th and saw Ælfric of Abingdon – d.1005. Ælfric became well known far beyond Abingdon. I was suprised to see Abingdon mentioned in such a far away church. He died on this day in 1005.

Coincidentally it is also the Feast Day of St Edmund of Abingdon who died on 16th November 1240, at Soisy-Bouy in France.

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Harvest Service at Trinity

Harvest Service
At Trinity Church, in Abingdon, on Sunday the Harvest Service was taken by Deacon Selina. There were displays of flowers on every window sill, and in the Welcome Area, which made the church even more beautiful than usual.
Harvest Service
The alter was also well decorated, and before the first hymn people brought up their bags of groceries, specially chosen to be of use to Asylum Welcome in Oxford. The first hymn was “We Plough the Fields and Scatter.”

Selina preached on refugees, and how we should receive them. Selina had once had to escape from her family home in Africa where she was born. She said Jesus had been a refugee. Afterwards she said “Deeply deeply moved to see young and young at heart, bring so many gifts for our sisters and brothers at Asylum Welcome in Oxford.

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