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Vineyard Resurfaced

Vineyard Resurfaced
The potted, and cracked surface of the Vineyard has been replaced by a brand new road surface. The ’sensual’ oil based smell of fresh tarmacadam lingered on the morning after.
Vineyard Resurfaced
Crisp white lines have replaced the faded junctions that were there a week ago.
Vineyard Resurfaced
The road painters had added some flourishes that were not there before.

Last night, soon after the work began, on the final night of the 5 night closure, a lot of vehicles still sped down the Oxford Road and did a U turn at the final Road Closed sign. The diversion was by Bath Street and up Stratton Way to join Stert Street.

This is my entry to the 1st of October City Daily Photo Theme Day on the word ‘Sensual’. More appropriate entries than the smell of fresh tar can be viewed here.

4 Comments October 1, 2017

Record number of buses seen along St Aldates

Thanks to Steve for this ..,
Silver and Pink
Next time we complain about traffic jams in Abingdon we ought to spare a thought for Oxford City Centre now that Queen Street is virtually bus free. Many of the buses have been re-routed to make way for the new – soon to open – Westgate Shopping Centre

This was the scene in St Aldates at 3.30pm today.

Steve counted 16 buses including a couple heading down the Abingdon Road to Abingdon – joined by all these other buses going to other places.

The situation has probably not been helped by repairs being carried out to the Folly Bridge. Work there is due to be completed at about the time the Westgate Shopping Centre reopens in another months time. So we will see then how the bus situation works out then.

6 Comments September 21, 2017

Vineyard closed to traffic for 5 nights from 25th September 2017

Signs have appeared on the Vineyard in Abingdon warning that the road will be closed for 5 nights from 25th September.

There will be traffic signals from Wednesay 20th to Friday 22 September, 8pm to 6am, for preparatory work – replacing damaged kerbs and manholes.
Then the road will be closed for 5 nights from 25th September for resurfacing and re-painting the road markings.
During the closure bus services will be diverted , and cars will need to find another way round.

5 Comments September 15, 2017

Lombard Street has been closed for a week

Lombard Street
Lombard Street, a small road in the town centre, has been closed to vehicles for the last week as repairs to water pipes are carried out. The work should be finished by Tuesday 31st Jan.

Traffic has been denied this short cut between East and West St Helen Street during the closure. Even the recycling lorry has not picked up the green bags.
Lombard Street
In 2006 the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) moved from the Courtyard, off Lombard Street, and for a while the Courtyard was used by smaller businesses until becoming fully residential.

Macnab Clarke, the defence lawyers, also moved from Lombard Street after merging with another firm in 2015. They are now part of Cartwright King in St Aldates, Oxford, near the Police Station and courts. They are still available on call if needed at the Abingdon police station.
Lombard Street
A few businesses remain in Lombard Street including Greenius, Kingwood, and Syndicut who share one property, and AAH Photography is on the corner of West St Helen Street.

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Surfacing Works on an unnamed road, the A34 slipway, and Marcham Road

Thanks to Annabel for letting us know the following …
35 Ock Street
There will be resurfacing work starting tomorrow (19th September) round the A415 the other side of the Marcham Interchange.
35 Ock Street
For two weeks an unnamed road will be closed day and night. It is first right off the Marcham Road soon after the A34 up to the junction with Barrow Road (for Shippon).
35 Ock Street
There will also be some overnight closures of more major roads while the resurfacing equipment is in the area. The A34 northbound slipway will be closed overnight for a week, and then the Marcham Road will be closed for 4 evenings and overnight.

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