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New Hotel Plans for Marcham Road

Tesco Garden Centre
The Tesco Garden Centre closed in September 2011 and has been boarded up for the last eight years.
Tesco Garden Centre
There is now a planning application to turn in into an 86 bedroom hotel with associated parking, infrastructure and landscaping.

It will be located close to the Hilton Garden Hotel and Premier Inn just off the A34 Marcham Interchange, and within easy reach of Oxford, and Abingdon, and a number of important business and science parks.

The design is not going to win any architecture awards for Abingdon. Traffic and flooding could be issues.

5 Comments December 3, 2019

Exhibition of 425 new homes in Abingdon

Announcing 425 new homes in Abingdon
There is a new website called

On it is the announcement of an exhibition at the Northcourt Centre on Thursday 28th February from 3:30pm – 8pm showing more detailed plans for the first 425 homes of the 900 that have got outline planning permission. The three ‘parcels’ are those nearest Tilsley Park.

The developers will probably be looking for feedback from the locals attending the exhibition before submitting their final plans.

The other thing this housing will help finance is the Lodge Hill Interchange, but those plans still need to be agreed with the Highway Agency. The 900 home development includes a mixed-use local centre, retirement apartments, care home, primary school and public open space.

14 Comments February 20, 2019

Drafting Plans for the next 50 years of the Abbey Buildings

Abbey Buildings
Draft plans for improvements to the Abbey Buildings are on display in the checker. There are a series of options set out for early discussions.

The Friends of Abingdon, custodians of the buildings, are preparing for an application for Heritage Lottery Funding and will be looking to improve access, and the usefulness of the buildings for the next 50 years.
Abbey Buildings
The Friends themselves are to split into two charities, one dedicated to looking after the Abbey Buildings,
Abbey Buildings
and the other a Civic Society, with a more general interest in looking after the town of Abingdon.

The annual Heritage Open Day (8th September) will be a more low key affair this year. I am passing control to somebody else who will take the lead and is already planning for 2019. So for 2018 any buildings that wish to open will do. There will also be some walks. So it will be a more relaxed affair, not the usual themed event with leaflets.

Also in 2018 the Abingdon Area Archaeological and Historical Society are celebrating their 50th anniversary with an exhibition and some big events.

1 Comment June 28, 2018

Vale of White Horse District Council Adopt Local Plan which takes us forward to 2031

Local Plans
The Vale of White Horse District Council’s Local Plan: 2031 (Part 1) was adopted this evening at a Full Council Meeting at the Beacon in Wantage. The government planning inspector recently wrote a letter saying he found the plan sound, and the council adopted the plan formally this evening with 31 votes in favour and 5 abstentions.

Now the plan is adopted the district’s five year land supply is secure and major development should only happen in areas identified in the Local Plan.
Local Plans
This means that some land in Abingdon, Kennington and Radley is removed from the Green Belt and can be built on. The plan includes 800 dwellings north of Abingdon, and 200 north west of Abingdon.

At the same meeting Faringdon and Blewbury had their neighbourhood plans adopted. Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council are working on our neighbourhood plan.

4 Comments December 14, 2016

A Planning Application in Two Parts at Tilsley Park

Planning Application
Planning permission was given in June for (P15/V1049/FUL) the conversion of the grass area in the middle of the running track at Tilsley Park to form  a synthetic pitch for rugby and football use. It has, up to now, been used as a competitive area for throwing javelin, discus and hammer. The conversion of the grass area has been delayed after protests from throwers who use the facility for winter training.
Planning Application
A second planning application (P15/V2198/FUL) is now being considered by the Vale of White Horse District Planning Department. It involves improvements to the practice throwing area at the side of Tilsley Park, including the addition of floodlighting for winter use.
Planning Application
The prospect of floodlights has brought protests from neighbouring properties, in the line of the new flood lighting – and an objection from the the town council.

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