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Press Release about the Abbey Hall

The Guildhall development is not to go ahead because, now the tenders have been considered, the project will be too costly.
Town Council
The press release says …

Following the recent tender exercise in relation to the proposed improvements in relation to the Abbey Hall, the Town Council, at its meeting of 25th January 2017, has reviewed the project.

The Council has, with regret, concluded that the project and the necessary works which are required to bring the Abbey Hall up to acceptable modern standards, is unaffordable in the context of the Council’s overall financial commitments and the fact that many of the services which would have been delivered from the Abbey Hall are provided by other organisations and businesses. Consequently, the capital investment required in the Abbey Hall Project cannot be justified and the Town Council will, over the coming months, be working with other local authorities to explore the possibilities of alternative community uses for the Abbey Hall.

Council Leader Councillor Mike Badcock stated: “We are unable to pursue our project in relation to the Abbey Hall. The Council have worked very hard on finding a solution which is both sustainable and affordable but have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the building has beaten us. Whilst this is to be regretted it is better for this difficult decision to have been taken now before substantial sums were committed to building works. Even based on the lowest tender we were looking at overall project costs of £3,080,000 (note this included a modest budget of £120,000 for works in the historic building). It remains this Council’s intention to move forward and re-open the historic Guildhall when any necessary works have been undertaken in relation to that building.”

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Guildhall Quotes considered by Town Council

Guildhall Quotes
There was a meeting this evening of Abingdon-on-Thames Guildhall Committee to consider the quotes tendered by companies for redeveloping the Guildhall.

The guildhall closed for re-development at the end of 2015. Planning permission and a final public consultation on the plans happened in the summer of 2016, and quotes have been requested based on the plans

The major features of the plans include a cafe area with ground floor access, a multi functional hall with cinema equipment. The old concrete ramps front and back will be removed, and internal access improved.

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Guildhall Consultation – July 2016

The Abbey Hall was built alongside the older Guildhall rooms in 1965 to replace facilities at the Victorian Corn Exchange when it was demolished to make room for the Bury Street Shopping Centre.
Guildhall Consultation
Fifty years on The Abbey Hall is about to have a major revamp. Planning permission has been given for the changes which, from the outside, get rid of the ugly concrete ramps, and open up the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling glass.
Guildhall Consultation
Yesterday there was a consultation, and Cllr Mike Badcock, Leader of Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council, was there to explain the new plans and listen to feedback.
Guildhall Consultation
The  consultation was in the Roysse Room and people could look at the plans. Specifically at this stage the town council are looking for adjustments that would make it work better for Community Groups.
Guildhall Consultation
They also want to see whether there is approval from residents for adding another £250,000 to the capital budget in order to make some further improvements to the overall inter-connectivity and better use of space where the current entrance foyer now is. To read more or give feedback download the July 2016 consultation document.

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Announcing Open Day for Abingdon Guildhall Improvement Project

Guildhall Plans
Abingdon on Thames Town Council are holding an Open Day about their latest plans for the Guildhall on Saturday 23th July 2016 . This is on the Abingdon Portal and on noticeboards round the town. So I thought I would also announce …

Let me tell you of the Guildhall
Its rooms for public use -
Some ancient and some modern
all fused without excuse.

One end has lots of concrete,
A nineteen sixties build
That doesn’t fit the heritage -
Of a hall for an ancient Guild.

New plans will be on display
that change the modern end
with a new glazed public piazza
to meet the latest trend.

The plans will also include the removal of the front external escape stair and front and rear concrete ramps. The main hall will have raked seating and cinematographic equipment, and a stage moved to the other end.

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Guildhall Plans Submitted

Guildhall Plans Submitted
Two planning applications have been submitted for The Guildhall, Abingdon. The plans can be found on the Vale of White Horses planning portal: one is for listed building consent, the other is for full planning permission. A decision will be made mid May.

Various plans have been put forward since the Guildhall ownership transferred from the Vale of White Horse District Council to Abingdon Town Council six years ago. It is intended to make the 1960s Abbey hall more accessible – with multiple usage including a cinema. This final proposal includes the remodeling of the lower level space with the creation of a new glazed public entrance with a new cafe, and a patio area in front.

Guildhall Plans Submitted
The plan will also remove the front and the rear concrete ramps.

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