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Final catch-up collection after Christmas

catch-up collection
This Saturday was the final catch-up collection for the waste and recycling service after Christmas. From next week bins and bags will be put out on the standard day, of Thursday for north Abingdon and Friday for south Abingdon.
catch-up collection
There is usually a bit of a holdup to traffic as the waste and recycle lorries make their way up West St Helen Street. There is less of a holdup along Lombard Street.
catch-up collection
In the autumn of 2017 Biffa, the current contractor for South and Vale, bought a new fleet of trucks to replace the previous fleet at a cost of £6.5m. The new purple livery shows that 80% of waste can be recycled.

In the Vale of White Horse District, where we live, the council reports that 64% of our waste was recycled in 2017.

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Consultation on Drive-in Recycling Centres in Oxfordshire

Waste Recycling Centres for Oxfordshire
It does not seem long ago since the Drayton Waste Recycling Centre had a big revamp, but checking back on this blog it was 2006. Time for another revamp is on the way…
Waste Recycling Centres for Oxfordshire
Queues have never seemed as bad since that revamp, and according to the 2015 Oxfordshire consultation on the use of Waste Recycling Centres there were 1.4 million visits to sites in 2008/9 and 1. 1 million in 2014/15. Usage is going down.

Oxfordshire County Council are looking to save money, because of reduced central government funding, and this is one area they have reduced the budget, and are going to make £350,000 of savings from 2017.
Waste Recycling Centres for Oxfordshire
They have looked at various options, and it seems that the favorite option, which they are consulting upon, is to reduce the number of recycling centres to 3 or 4, and improve the ones that remain.

Currently Abingdon is well served by Drayton to the south and Redbridge to the north. Other places are less well served as – as can be seen by the map.

The aim is to keep and expand ones near larger centres of population, and limit drive times. The consultation says keeping just three recycling centres could result in centres as follows:
* Central North Oxfordshire: This would mean that Ardley and Alkerton will close
and be replaced with a new site.
* Central Oxfordshire: This would mean that Redbridge will be expanded or
* Central South Oxfordshire: This would mean that Drayton will be expanded or

The consultation can be found at It is open for comments from 6 Aug 2015 at 00:00 to 5 Oct 2015 at 23:59.

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Cluster of Recycling Businesses

Cluster of Recycling Businesses
Three of the units in the Suffolk Way, just off the Drayton Road, have a common theme:
Cluster of Recycling Businesses

  • Kathryn Turner Trust recycle furniture and other charity donations
  • Oxford Wood Recycling
  • SafePC Computer recycling. 

Alongside all three is Loose Cannon Brewery – who produce award winning beers.
Cluster of Recycling Businesses
Oxford Wood Recycling were featured in the Abingdon Herald just before Christmas. They completed the move into larger premises here in Abingdon, and opened for business on 10th Jan 2015.

They are a Social Enterprise. Any profits are re-invested in the business – whose aims are recycling wood, and helping the long-term unemployed by offering work experience and volunteering opportunities.

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Wind blown bins, Recycled Christmas Trees, and Plaster Fall

Wind blown bins
After this Saturday morning’s recycling collection, next week’s collection should be back to the normal Thursday or Friday schedule. A lot of the empty bins got blown over after a windy night, and quite a lot of rubbish before it was collected. Our green food bin disappeared completely – probably not down to the wind.
Recycling Christmas Trees
People had started leaving trees for recycling on the Market Place fairly early, and the barriers appeared to have been blown about overnight.
Plaster Fall
Andrew sent me a picture of some plaster that had fallen in the Strollin tunnel.
Recycling Christmas Trees
Soon after 9am the big tree was cut up, and its branches were recycled along with smaller trees – from the homes of Abingdon.
Plaster Fall
By 9am Police had cordoned off the Strollin Tunnel.

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Well over 200 Christmas Trees recycled

Well over 200 Christmas Trees were recycled on Abingdon Market Place today. That may well have beaten last year’s record (205) but I could not get an exact figure this year. It shows that people have got into the habit of using this town council service.

The chippings will be used locally on paths and parks.

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