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What Reading Makes of Us

What Reading Makes of Us
Mark Thornton from Mostly Books gave a talk called ‘What Reading Makes of Us – The Power of Stories to Shape Our Realities’ to the sixth formers at Abingdon School last year.

Annabel persuaded him to write it up into essay form for Shiny New Books – the literary magazine website she co-edits with several book-blogging friends.

It begins ‘This is my tenth year of being an independent bookseller – the equivalent of thirty years in any other business I reckon. Over time, casual conversations with friends, family and random strangers outside the shop have morphed from the questions like “You’ve started an independent bookshop, are you mad?” to “How on Earth do you survive against Amazon?”.’

The link to Mark’s full piece is here:

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Mostly Brookes

Mostly Brookes
At the Mostly Books Bookshop in Stert Street Abingdon this evening there was a sell out book event,
Mostly Brookes
Local author Bryan Brown has written a book about  John Henry Brookes – the man who developed the art and technology college in Oxford, that became Oxford Polytechnic in 1970, and Brookes University in 1992.
Mostly Brookes
Mark, from Mostly Books, invited Bryan to talk about John Henry Brookes, and sign some books.

Brookes was an artist, as well as enthusiastic educator. During World War I, he became a conscientious objector. His interesting life influenced so many people.

Without Brookes I would not have met my wife. She went to Oxford Polytechnic to study history of art, and we met.

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Old Books about Abingdon

Old Abingdon
The Abingdon Oxfam Shop has become more and more an Aladdin’s Cave in recent weeks with interesting items crammed in every nook and cranny. Last Saturday there was a group of books about Abingdon, many of them out of print. I was fortunate to get Historic Streets of Abingdon by Agnes C. Baker for £9.99. The original price in 1957 was One Shilling and Sixpence.
Old Abingdon
On Ebay this evening there was a lovely print of Abingdon Bridge – just one page taken from a book called “The Royal River – The Thames from source to the sea”, printed by Cassell and company Ltd and dated 1885. The book has been broken up to sell at £11.30 a page. The text alongside appears a bit mixed up … “Opposite the church at the side of the Market Place is the Market Cross, designed by Inigo Jones, erected in 1667, and far too extensively restored in 1853.

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Alison Mercer launches second novel at Mostly Books

Alison Mercers Second Novel
Alison Mercer read extracts from her second novel ‘After I Left You’ at Mostly Books this evening. This was the fifth book event for Mostly Books this summer, and all have been blessed with good weather.
Alison Mercers Second Novel
Alison lives in Abingdon with husband, poet Ian Pindar, and two children. She always wanted to be a writer, and showed us her earliest novel, handwritten as a child, alongside her first published novel ‘Stop the Clock’ which came out two years ago.

Find out much more about the books at Alison’s website, and find these or many other good holiday reads at Mostly Books.

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Summer Reading – keeps the mind sharp

Summer Reading
Private Peaceful is the Abingdon Community Read this summer as promoted by Our Ladies Abingdon. They are hoping that people will read and leave comments abut the book.
Summer Reading
Abingdon Library has a Summer Reading Challenge, with postcards you can fill in:

  • Tell us about a book you’ve read…
  • Which three books would you recommend?
  • What is your personal reading challenge this year?

Mostly Books and The Abingdon Bookstore are promoting both these events, and Mostly Books has its own summer reading special.

The Head Teacher of the school where I am a Governor signed off the end of term newsletter, after goodbyes to Year 6’s, with “Have a great summer and please ensure that your children read daily, it keeps the mind sharp!”

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