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A Tale of Two Gravel Pits

The largest of the Radley Gravel Pits was pumped dry at the start of 2004. A fence was erected, and the pit was pumped full of fuel ash slurry from Didcot Power Station.

By the start of 2006 when featured on this blog there stretched a black morass, partly covered by reeds and grass.
Two Radley Lakes
A fence still surrounds the area – marked by lifebuoys; but now ten years since the gravel pit was filled, trees have grown to cover about half of the area, and are colonising the other half.
Two Radley Lakes
Nearby Thrupp Lake was saved from a similar fate by the Save Radley Lakes campaigners. It had already matured into a lake.

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Green Gym – renewing a path near us

Christmas in Abingdon
Last time I saw the Green Gym working near us they were wood chipping some of the paths near the River Ock, litter picking, and planting trees. That was back in January. They were there again yesterday renewing a path I use most days.

The wood chip is provided by the town council staff. Everything chopped back in that area will either get left to decay naturally or recycled for paths.
Christmas in Abingdon
The trees planted back in January looked very small to start with. Some are still bunched up inside the protective sheath but others have made it to the next stage.

The Green Gym program can be seen here.

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Green Gym – Ock Valley Walk

Members of the Green Gym split into three groups. Some did litter picking.
Green Gym
Another group improved the path. Some dug up the surface, and others poured on the wood chip and tamped it down.
Green Gym
The third group cleared the ground to plant trees. There were about 35 small saplings: oak, beech, silver birch, and cherry.
Green Gym
The saplings were then dug in next to a cane and surrounded by a protective guard . A red spot on the cane means this one is a cherry. All were plotted on a map to monitor how they do.

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Week 2 – waste collection – recyclables

New Bins
Week 2 of the new refuse collection. Being town centre they came round early before the traffic builds up.
New Bins
Our large green bin was full so we could be doubling the amount recycled compared with the old system. The brown composting bin is quite empty – two large bunches of flowers from a birthday and a few grass cutting. The old style dustbin is there to be recycled itself. The little green food waste bin has less kitchen waste than last week.

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Eco Fair – Through the zones

Eco Fair
The Eco Fair at the Guildhall, organised by Abingdon Carbon Cutters, was very impressive and well attended by visitors and exhibition stalls alike. The Mayor opened the event with a speech underlying his own commitments to all things Ecological and Sustainable. Then the choir of Dunmore School did us proud with some very nice Eco songs. There was not a dry eye in the house.
Eco Fair
This wheel barrow laden with vegetables from the ‘Grow your own vegetables group’ has been in the window of the community shop for the last two weeks. The grow your own group gives people a small allotment near Peachcroft Farm and gets them to grow their own on a small scale.
Eco Fair
Inside there was a food zone. Buns to go with the soup were being prepared and cooked on the premises by members of The Country Market (the trade name of the W.I.).
Eco Fair
Other zones included: Biodiversity Zone, Travel Zone, Waste Not Want Zone, and Energy Zone. One exhibitor in the Energy Zone was a community company set up to look at harnessing water power at Abingdon weir using an archimedes skew generator. It would provide enough electricity for a hundred homes. They may be looking for local investors fairly soon: first to get planning permission, then build the device to feed Kilowatts into the national grid.
Eco Fair
A variety of musicians played during the day including the John Mason Folk group What’s up Folk, shown above, performing some top tapping music!

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