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Culham Causeway Clearance

Culham Causeway Clearance
Walking the Causeway between Abingdon and Culham Bridge I was amazed to see how the ditch has been dug out and bushes cleared.
Culham Causeway Clearance
There is a view both sides of the Causeway now.
Culham Causeway Clearance
For years litter from passing traffic has blown into the ditch and bushes. There is now a tidemark of torn plastic round the side of the field. Other plastic has blown across the field.

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Summer Solstice – June 21st

Sun Hot
This picture was taken from near the old Culham Bridge, looking back towards Abingdon across a field of baled straw.
Sun Hot
I remember once seeing straw bales made into an image like Stonehenge that got dubbed Strawhenge. These straw bales are just left in the hot sun where they were dropped. The air is still full of the dust of harvest and pollen. Two of the stones of the real Stonehenge are supposedly aligned with the sunrise on Summer Solstice, showing the great respect and veneration our distant ancestors had for the sun.

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Edible Abingdon @ Old Station House

Dig For Victory
Last Year Edible Abingdon was in a strip of land behind the Ice Cream kiosk at the Outdoor pool. This year Edible Abingdon has a site near Old Station House where a number of old-style recycling bins (the ones we used before wheelie bins took over) have been used to grow a variety of herbs, beans, marrows and other edibles.

The objective of the project is to encourage more people in the community to grow some of their own food, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and imported food.

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Abingdon Hydro clearance work underway

Abingdon Hydro clearance work
Thanks to Spike for the first picture that shows clearance of the Abingdon Hyrdo site is already well underway. The Hydro will generate Hydro-electricity from the Thames alongside Abingdon Weir
Abingdon Hydro clearance work
Since Wednesday Volunteers from Abingdon Hydro have been clearing the site. Three trees have been felled and a lot of undergrowth cleared.
Abingdon Hydro clearance work
The large hollow dead tree nearest the weir had no evidence of bats, and came down fairly easily, but volunteers are putting up bat boxes on alternative trees, to provide a bat habitat, just in case.
Abingdon Hydro clearance work
Transporting the firewood from the site is not easy as the nearest place for vehicles is the Abingdon Health and Well being Centre on Audlett Drive – over the foot bridge and 50 metres along a footpath.

9 Comments February 8, 2015

A Tale of Two Gravel Pits

The largest of the Radley Gravel Pits was pumped dry at the start of 2004. A fence was erected, and the pit was pumped full of fuel ash slurry from Didcot Power Station.

By the start of 2006 when featured on this blog there stretched a black morass, partly covered by reeds and grass.
Two Radley Lakes
A fence still surrounds the area – marked by lifebuoys; but now ten years since the gravel pit was filled, trees have grown to cover about half of the area, and are colonising the other half.
Two Radley Lakes
Nearby Thrupp Lake was saved from a similar fate by the Save Radley Lakes campaigners. It had already matured into a lake.

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