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Oh Happy Day

Ock Valley Walk
People and dogs are so happy now that the Ock Valley Walk has re-opened here in Abingdon.
Ock Valley Walk
Blossoms brighten the way.
Ock Valley Walk
The River Ock trickles by on both sides, the higher stream and the lower stream. They cascade together at two different weirs along the route
Ock Valley Walk
Then there is all the wildlife that has got used to humans not being about. This little muntjac looked a bit worried by the sight of me.

2 Comments April 19, 2018

Bridge Open

Bridge Replaced
Thank you to Elizabeth for this picture of the bridge being replaced at the town end of the Ock Valley Walk. The work happened yesterday. Elizabeth says she is delighted, as will be many other people, that the much loved walk is open again after a long closure.

The previous bridge was vandalised and closed almost six months ago.

7 Comments April 12, 2018

There is Water

Both the Head of the River rowing, and the Home Guard at Abingdon Lock have been cancelled because of the wet conditions. Here is a video showing some of the recent water from the River Thames and River Ock, mostly shot at various weirs.

2 Comments April 6, 2018

River Ock has burst its banks near Tesco

River Ock
It was early closing at 6pm at Tesco on Easter Monday. Anybody going back by bike or foot had to think twice before going along by the River Ock.
River Ock
The River Ock had burst its banks and so the Marcham Road was the only route.
River Ock
Beyond the Drayton Road the River Ock was running fast. It was within its banks, and so there does not look like any danger to properties.
River Ock
One sporting event has been cancelled. The Head of the River rowing event, planned for Sunday, 8th April, has been cancelled with great regret. The River Thames usually reaches a high water mark 2 or 3 days after the River Ock, and even if the River were row-able by next Sunday the fields would be too wet to take cars with trailers.

3 Comments April 2, 2018

Not ready for the new £1 coin

New Pound Coin
Thanks to the Royal Mint for the new £1 coin. With the old £1 coin there was often the worry it could be a fake.

In Abingdon it was a couple of weeks, after the introduction, until we got any of the new coins.
New Pound Coin
Not all the machines are ready in time. The leader of the Vale of White Horse District Council was seen in front of one of the parking machines saying that it would not take the new coin yet.
New Pound Coin
Tesco took the decision to unlock all their trolleys until they could be adapted to the new coin. I did see one trolley in the River Ock. There must have been more.
New Pound Coin
Now a notice says “… due to trolleys being abandoned around the town and in the river, they will now be locked back up to protect the local area and environment. The trolleys accept old style £1 coins or trolley tokens …”

7 Comments April 25, 2017

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