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It could have been 3-0 to England

Three flags flew in front of Abingdon County Hall at half time when England were leading Croatia 1-0. It could easily have been 2-0 or 3-0.

The run of play changed in the second half as Croatia got the upper hand. They scored to equalise, and scored again in extra time to take the lead.

The dream is over. Long live the dream! There is another world cup in 2022.

13 Comments July 11, 2018

Nails stay on, Flag stays up at Masons

Nails stay on
The nails will be repainted
Mason's England Flag stays up
Mason’s England Flag can stays up.

England are still in the World Cup. England beat Columbia on penalties. On Saturday England play Sweden in a quarter final game at the Cosmos Stadium in Samara, Russia

3 Comments July 3, 2018

Outdoor Pool to re-open on 16th June after £1.3million rebuild

Outdoor Pool
The Vale of White Horse District Council will hold the official opening event of the rebuilt pool on the morning of 16th June and it will be open to the public from 1pm.
Outdoor Pool
The rebuild involved joining the infant pool and main pool into one large area. There is a gently sloping walk-in the pool with easy access for young children and for visitors with disabilities. There is also a deep water area for more experienced swimmers.
Outdoor Pool
The changing areas have also been fully refurbished.

The pool will be surrounded by a safe, non-slip rubber surface. Energy saving lighting and heating equipment will make the pool more efficient to run.

In a press release Councillor Charlotte Dickson, Cabinet Member for Leisure, said: It’s so fantastic to see how this much-loved local pool has been transformed.

The council is appealing for people to send in old pictures of Abbey Meadow pool which could feature in a special picture display at the re-opening event. A free swim is on offer for anybody who submits a picture that is used in the display. For more details please contact

11 Comments May 14, 2018

7th Abingdon Cycle Festival

7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
After a night when most of us were woken by a thunder storm, the sun was back today for the 7th Abingdon Cycle Festival, where the rides started to set off at 9am, and continued through the morning and early afternoon.
7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
Rides were led by experienced cyclists from The OT Cycling Club (OTCC), Abingdon Freewheeling, and Sustrans (who led family rides down the Sustrans NCN 5 cycleway).
7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
I was there between about 9 and 10, when two different rides left every 15 minutes and so the area in front of the County Hall was packed with cyclists, near the signing in tent.
7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
Bicycling became a popular sport towards the later part of the 19th century, and at 11 there was to be a vintage parade.
7th Abingdon Cycle Festival
The Tony Lewis quartet gave a mellow feel to the start of the day with their jazz.

It was a very successful event.

1 Comment April 22, 2018

Anyone for Croquet?

Thankyou to Lesley for this… ‘If you have never played before why not try our Taster Day for Golf Croquet. It’s a great game. If you are interested in joining us please see the poster …’

Thames Valley Croquet Club is a Golf Croquet Club based at the Abbey Vale Cricket Ground (Hales & Hays Meadow) who meet twice a week on Mondays and Fridays all year round. They were formed in 1990 at the WI college in Marcham, and moved to the Cricket Club so that men and women will have equal access.

I see that a ladies croquet club was started up in 1921 and two lawns provided at the Albert Park in Abingdon. (From the Faringdon Advertiser and Vale of the White Horse Gazette – Saturday 14 May 1921. Image © Successor rightsholder unknown. Found in

2 Comments March 10, 2018

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