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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Goodbye Old Gaol Pool

Through the rubble, as the Old Gaol out-buildings are demolished, I can just about make out a sign...

It says "POOL DEPTH HERE 2.0 m. "

That must be the deep end...

I still find it difficult to work out the geography of this swimming pool from outside, but must have swam many thousands of lengths inside its walls.

To the left is the balcony where there was a bar and people could relax with a drink and look down, at odd moments, at the pool below. In the late evening music played and it was like syncopated swimming.

Further along to the left, next to the KOMATSU, is a balcony from where I watched down as our two children flapped as they tried to swim their first widths near the shallow end ...

Those days are just a memory and the building will soon be gone.


Blogger danny said...

it would be good to see some old inside pics of the pool for comparison. i remember sitting in the alcove's as a poolside helper, especialy at the deep end where the 2.0 mtr sign is.

memories :)

15 April 2010 09:53  
Anonymous Hester said...

I have a small collection of pictures from COG days - not sure if there are any of the pool there, but some of the main staircase and central staircase and some nice external shots. I would need to check first with the photographer (who may well read this blog!) but if he is willing and if anyone can suggest a good place where they could be posted for more general access I would be happy to share them.

15 April 2010 16:01  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Will the prisoners have escaped? Clint Eastwood in Alcatraz swam away.

15 April 2010 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course 2 metres is 6ft 6in and by law the depth should also be given in imperial measurements. A criminal offence was therefore being committed! Is this why it was in prison?

15 April 2010 19:04  
Anonymous Grammar police said...

Aberrant apostrophe.
"sitting in the alcove's" (what ?).

I fondly remember spending hours in the old wriggly-tin shed with the badminton courts long before the pool was built (playing badminton, before anyone asks). The paper and sweet shop just round the corner (currently E&R Goff) must be one of the longest-established shops in continuous use for the same purpose ?

16 April 2010 07:12  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Comne along, Grammar Police. You of all people should know double quote marks are predominately US grammar style (single quote marks for UK style). For example:

'You have a case of irritable vowel syndrome.'

Single quotes. Capiche? ;)

16 April 2010 12:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey seeing those images takes me back!! I remember many a mad night in the gallows bar on a Friday night, £1 a pint!! it was great. Shame it had to close but at least they are doing something with the area, about time!!!

20 April 2010 15:53  

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