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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chapel Windows at Abingdon School

This is Nicholas Mynheer, the artist who created the Trinity Window behind the alter at Abingdon School Chapel.

He was there at the school to talk about his art, to describe how the Trinity Window was created, and to tell people about his new project at the school.

In his art, Nicholas reduces each image to its bare essentials. The arms of Jesus on the cross are formed using the window tracery. Jesus only needs one eye to look out from the cross. Each image has the simplicity and directness of an icon.

For each window, Nicholas does initial sketches and then produces a full size painting. Glass technicians then get involved. Each colour is fused into the pane with a separate firing.

Nicholas is currently working on a new set of windows for the chapel. The school website has more on the Chapel Window Project and will have more as the project progresses.


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