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Friday, 16 April 2010

Anything Goes

While in Argentan, Abingdon's twin town in Normandy, our hosts Pierre and Ionie praised productions by the Abingdon Operatic Society they had seen during visits to Abingdon.

'Anything Goes' is on at the Amey Theatre until Saturday. I don't know the songs yet, but then I didn't know many of the songs from Oklahoma before seeing their production of that musical last year. I just hope this will be as good.


Blogger Pat said...

I'll sing the title song to you on a suitable occasion. Well, the tune anyway!

16 April 2010 01:10  
Anonymous The color climax corporation said...

my parents attended the show - first they have seen by the group - and they were highly impressed

16 April 2010 18:45  

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