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Friday, 12 March 2010

Street View Abingdon

Interesting comments from the post of two days ago with the launch of Google Street View for the rest of the country - and in Abingdon.

Google haven't got everything exactly right yet. East St Helen Street has been called West St Helen Street. But even people who live in Abingdon make that mistake.

Comments from 11th March find clues when the cameras came round. This motor show advertised on the bus stop outside the Community Hospital on Marcham Road agrees with their dating of June 2008 - it says Sunday 29th June 2008.

But areas in North Abingdon like this bus shelter near Tilsley Park were captured nearer Christmas. So the google cameras did not do it all in one visit. There are no leaves on the trees in this area.

It is amazing that Google have done it, and that they have been allowed to do it. It is amazing to be able to revisit from my laptop all the houses I have ever lived in, and the schools I went to etc. But it does seem an amazing intrusion of privacy.

Let me know the best reflection of the Street View vehicle you find. It must have got reflected in a shop or car window somewhere.


Anonymous the color climax corporation said...

the only places they film are public ones - nothing you or i couldn't do by ourselves - so in that respect, there can be no expectation of privacy - if i felt like it, i could sit outside a stranger's house for half a day watching the world go by....

13 March 2010 08:58  
Anonymous This Charming Man said...

'if i felt like it, i could sit outside a stranger's house for half a day watching the world go by....'

Not outside mine you couldn't, my Swedish friend.

People can contact Google Images and have details of their homes/cars etc blurred from view, I understand.

13 March 2010 11:04  
OpenID parasombra said...

The google satellite view of Abingdon has been updated as well. The extensions which were being built in our road in the previous views are now shown as completed!

13 March 2010 13:45  

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