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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Rather Bad News

We are in the middle of the Oxfordshire Science Festival and the start of the Abingdon Arts Festival. The one science event I see advertised in Abingdon takes part later today. Popular science writer John Gribbin will be doing a talk called The Multiverse at the Guildhall.

But be warned, I have learned some rather bad news predicted by cosmologists from watching science programs on TV and John Gribbin will be talking Cosmology.

In about 5 billion years the Sun will no longer be seen as a distant object that can be made to balance on the Millenium Needle.

The sun is not sufficiently big that when it runs out of fuel it will collapse into a black hole, instead the centre will collapse and the burning gas exterior will expand into a huge hot vaperous Red Giant star that will eat up the earth, including anything that remains of Abingdon. Not a trace will be left...


Anonymous Spike said...

That will sort out the potholes !

11 March 2010 09:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

5,000,000,000 years? maybe the traffic system will be sorted by then.

11 March 2010 11:01  
Blogger Martin G said...

I'll put in in me diary now....

11 March 2010 12:20  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Hi, good news for everyone that follows this blog and the events of Abingdon:

from today the city of Abingdon is available on Street View (Google Maps)!

Now everyone can walk along the streets of Abingdon.

Here, for esample, "Just Toys" is closed and the new shop will open on late summer:,-1.28216&spn=0,359.980903&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.670073,-1.282018&panoid=T2NqA7-ilho8BsXteHh4cg&cbp=12,153.16,,0,7.68

Could someone understand, more or less, the period of this view?

Thank you.

11 March 2010 13:14  
Blogger Martin G said...

I looked at Orpwood way this morning and judging by what was in bloom in my front garden, it's summer, and the High street was taken in the evening - the clock shows 7.25

11 March 2010 20:33  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

I can nail it down even more. If you go and visit Mostly Books shop window in Abingdon, we have our "New Bookshop of the Year" announcement up - we kept this for a few weeks after we actually won (May 2008) so my feeling is that the Google cameras must have come through Abingdon May/June 2008.

Do I win £5?

11 March 2010 23:43  
Blogger Mark Thornton said...

BTW backstreeter, even if we do manage to get off the planet by the time goes red giant, we'll still have to contend with a potential multi-dimensional multiverse 'bounce' in a few billions years, removing all traces of us and our intergalactic civilisation.

I'd like to think we could escape down a wormhole into another universe before then however...

11 March 2010 23:45  
Anonymous Joseph said...

Mark Thornton wrote:

"so my feeling is that the Google cameras must have come through Abingdon May/June 2008."

I think so; in fact if you go and visit The Old Anchor Inn, on the table outdoor you can read the follow message:

Live Music Sat 26th July

and it was in 2008 year...

So you win a greetings postcard from Italy!

Bye :-)

12 March 2010 10:32  

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