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Thursday, 11 March 2010

News from A Parallel Universe

This is John Gribbin signing copies of his latest book after a talk hosted by Mostly Books at the Guildhall.

Another book by John, 'Get A Grip On Physics', was photographed lying in the footwell of Tiger Woods car a few months ago. Photograph: Handout/Getty Images, and cropped by Images.

John had lots of interesting things to say about parallel universes and even the possibility of time travel, but he was at a loss to explain how one of his books came to be found in the footwell of Tiger Woods Car that fateful day. He said the book was out of print, and that after the Tiger Woods incident the book was selling for up to $100 on Ebay, but John had not made a killing because he only had a couple of copies left himself.

Moving on from there I could have turned left but instead went right and called in at the the annual Morris Mens challenge at the Brewery Tap where I found two ex Mayors playing darts.

The Morris Men proved themselves too strong at pub games and pub quizzes and defeated the current Mayor's team. The Morris Men will now go off from that triumph to do some dancing at one of our twin towns, St Niklaas, over the weekend. It is some sort of mid-lent rest-from-fasting event - just like Mother's Day.


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