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Thursday, 4 March 2010

No Sign of Life

There has been no sign of life in this shop for a few days.

Kelvin Lucy, the newsagent, moved to this location, where The Pine Shop had been, about four years ago. Back then, the Co-op had closed for a re-build and so the time was right to expand and become a convenience store. More recently Londis / Bargain Booze moved in, then the Co-op re-opened, and a couple of months ago W H Smith. So have they called it a day?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've moved,not shut down! Gone to the shop on Oxford Road, near the corner of St John's Road. Was in there a couple of days ago, they're just getting sorted out, but the same helpful friendly service.

3 March 2010 21:09  
Blogger Martin G said...

He told me a while back that he was moving. Should be a good catchment area there and he won't have to compete with the town centre shops.
Hope it's not empty for too lomg though...

4 March 2010 08:13  
Blogger Hester said...

Yes, the town centre's loss is our gain - they are very welcome round here!

Hopefully also it will improve the trade for the remaining two indpenedent newsagents in town.

Now all we need is a nice shop to move in there....

4 March 2010 12:00  
Blogger mary said...

perhaps the Coop will extend into it as they did in Wootton.

4 March 2010 20:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THere's no sign of life at the Grapes either. Anyone know what happened there?

5 March 2010 19:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange that they haven't left a sign on their shop door in the High Street to tell us where they went
Trish and Toby

9 March 2010 15:17  

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