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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

New Stert Street Shops

Coming soon in place of Sandman will be 'Fine Guitars' - selling guitars and sheet music and accessories.

Dream Doors, just a few doors away, specialise in kitchen makeovers.


Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Fine guitars? I'm always on the fiddle, myself.

15 March 2010 19:41  
Anonymous the color climax corporation said...

hope it's a success but... that's sounds like a very specialised shop

15 March 2010 23:03  
Blogger danny said...

a music shop is whats needed, as the nearest decent string stockest is cowley road oxford.

16 March 2010 07:38  
Blogger Martin G said...

Agree with Danny - I used to get all my gear from Modern Music so I'm keen to see what the new place is like.
Perhaps they'll give out free goes on the Gibsons and the Martins as an opening gimmick...I wish!

16 March 2010 16:43  

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