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Saturday, 27 March 2010

High Street Resurfacing

For three nights the High Street has been closed for resurfacing. On night 1 they dug up the old tarmac. On night 2 they laid most of the new tarmac.

On night 3 they tarmaced the the Bus Layby and other fiddly areas.

All looking very nice first thing this morning.

It is just a shame that the pavements will need to be pulled up and relaid. People have been told by County Councillors that some of the slabs were the wrong size and as a result it has gone awry.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Abingdon Will Be Remembered....

"If its worth doing, Its worth doing it twice!"

29 March 2010 20:49  
Blogger Liberal Neil said...

The County Council seems to do a lot of things badly and then have to redo them.

2 April 2010 19:59  

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