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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Daffodils in the Ock Mini Park

Daffodils are late appearing this year. These clusters are on the bank of the River Ock alongside the Ock Mini Park.

The Ock Mini Park is that recently cleared empty looking patch of ground near the Drayton Road double roundabout.

Planting has now begun, and there are ideas afoot to make this into the MG memorial park with a trail of stones bearing the names and possibly outlines of MG Models.

I'd also like to see a large immovable model of an MG car to complete the transition from Ock Mini Park to Ock MG Park.


Blogger TCCARL said...

You would never get agreement on ONE MG model to represent all the others!! How about a nice display showing photos of ALL the models?

24 March 2010 02:46  
Blogger Ben said...

Wouldn't a large model come to look a bit like an abandoned car? And then it would probably be joined by other makes that are genuinely abandoned. I like TCCARL's idea - or how about a series of etched steel plaques? (Said steel of course being recycled MG ...)

24 March 2010 08:52  
OpenID gaskella said...

It's about time they made something of this little area. Only thing is though, that's it's a rather noisy, exhaust-smoggy area a lot of the time, being next to the double-minis!

24 March 2010 18:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of etched rocks, Would fit in nice if the landscaping is right. Its nice to see a bit more riverside space being used. For some it would be easy to forget we have rivers running through the town (unless you are unfortunate enough to have been flooded of course!)The Gala day was always a good Abingdon day out by the river (may have been to do with the beer tent!) shame it stopped.

24 March 2010 23:00  

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