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Monday, 8 March 2010


The Monday Market is on every week. It is the largest Market in Abingdon and on a sunny Monday adds a real buzz to the town.

There is an amazing stall selling seed potatoes with names like Santana, Anya, and Winston.

We have a French Market coming this Friday and Saturday - but can it beat this pure English Market for colour?

At the Monday Market you can even find the Sky For Sale.


OpenID parasombra said...

I bought seed potatoes from the potato man today. He advised me well last year and we had buckets of beautiful potato treasure so I was very happy to take his advice again today.

If you want to grow veggies but don't know where to start - he is your man.

9 March 2010 00:10  
Blogger John Enticott said...

This is true. I go especially for his bulk peas. And Our granchildren love planting, then eating them!

11 March 2010 22:22  

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