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Thursday, 18 March 2010

One Project nears completion, Two Begin

Bill wrote to ask whether the new paving in the High Street has been done without a spirit-level. It does seem uneven.

The road itself will be resurfaced over three nights from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th March inclusive from 19:00 to 05:00.

Another two big town centre projects are now about to go ahead.

Work is to start at the Old Gaol. A notice has been issued to restrict parking on Bridge Street when work begins.

On Monday the Heritage Lottery Fund decided to release the funds for the County Hall Museum development to go ahead. Work will start in the autumn. This was despite a material change to the project ... the original lift to the Sessions Hall which local English Heritage officers worked to help design, got turned down by the national English Heritage committee. So the project had to be changed at the last minute and a cheaper platform lift just to the basement introduced.

The project includes some much needed maintenance work. The roof is leaking, as is the cellar, and the electrics need doing... So about half of the project is a half century maintenance program, but we will see some definite improvements to the environment of the Sessions Hall and basement and MG room so better public displays and access will be possible.

(Thanks to My Daily Postcard for the 1905 postcard).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alarming news from the Action4Abingdon forum...The new pavement may need to be re-laid...

Not so good news is the very real possibility that the new paving currently being laid in High Street, may have to be ripped up! It appears that the contractor has laid slabs lesser to that of the original specification, already the slabs are buckling and moving, there is also some concern that the gully’s installed in the paving are incorrect too!

23 March 2010 18:00  

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