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Sunday, 28 February 2010

What's Up Folk

Thanks to K for this picture of 'What's Up Folk' - the resident big band from John Mason School, Abingdon. The picture was taken a couple of weeks a go when they headlined at Kennington Village Hall.

The band is made up of a mixture of students and staff from the School and the 15 members have been working hard to earn their stripes. They sold out at last year’s Oxfolk Folk Festival and went down a storm at Towersey Village Festival. Featuring a diverse range of instruments from a brass section, strings and cahon.

On the subject of John Mason, there is an exhibition at the school's 06 Gallery featuring David Hockney's etchings of six Grimms Fairy Tales. It is during school hours until 13th March.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, John Mason's art gallery hasn't quite attracted the attention of a large mobile phone company - it seems to be the 06 gallery and not the O2!

1 March 2010 12:27  
Blogger Backstreeter said...

Ooops! Sorry about that.

1 March 2010 17:48  

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