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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Wilsham Road - The Village of Willic.

Pictures taken on the dog walk this morning with the early sun lighting up Wilsham Road in South Abingdon...
Ferry Boat House is the blue building, with fuel pumps nearby.

Here are a few of the lucky house owners who have a view across the River Thames.

This large barge is a permanent fixture at the bottom of Saxton Road. It is being kitted out as part of one man's project of a lifetime.
From about this point Wilsham Road gets set further back behind the Sailing Club and Rowing Club.

A rower, from Abingdon Rowing Club, is seen in front of the Sailing Club.

Same rower, heading the other way, with Abingdon School Boathouse behind.

When I asked if anybody had any suggestions for future blog posts anonymous suggested more streets and meanings of street names. According to 'The Origins of the Street Names of Abingdon' by John McGowan "This area lay outside the Borough of Abingdon and was in Sutton Courtney parish. There are various derivations of its name. From 1191 to 1242 it was called 'Wulchesham'; in 1270 'Wylchesham' and in 1667 Wilsham. All the above mean 'the village of Willic'."


Blogger Chris said...

I'm sorry but I just can't stand that barge. I go past it every day; it's hideous; it makes the bank look like an industrial estate from the other side. If any work's being done on it, I haven't seen the evidence. Otherwise, that area's lovely, nice pictures :)

26 February 2010 22:01  

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