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Friday, 5 February 2010

Flood Action and Action 4 Abingdon

This is the scene looking up Caldecott Road today. One of the drainage ditches - put there to prevent flooding - is looking a little clogged up and far worse round the corner where there looks to have been a mudslide.

Tonight (Friday) a new group is meeting at Preston Road Community Centre at 7:30 PM. It is called the Ock Valley Flood Group and I would not be surprised if they push for action on drainage ditches. People at risk of flooding by the Ock should have been invited, but if not - communication is not always brilliant in Abingdon - all are welcome.

Meanwhile a happy second birthday to Action 4 Abingdon - set up just two years ago today.

I did not find many pictures on the forum but did borrow this one with the caption ... "After many months of deliberation, the traffic scheme group came up with a new layout that was sure to please everyone."

The latest big issue is the future of the Chamber of Commerce as a new group is set up. Everyone wants a group that represents ALL town businesses but not everyone appears agreed about who should run it. The Heralds front page story this week is 'Traders Set up new town body.'


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