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Friday, 12 February 2010

John's 2nd Miscellany

Less of a miscellany, this time round, and more a set of engraved pavement stones... nethertheless, see what you know, and I'll give you John and Jackie's answers tomorrow.

The stones with the questions are all to be found down this public secret alleyway. Who is the 'Public Servant Secret Agent'?

Why 'Beer and Books' to start with?

What means this riddle... 'A vicarage house with orchard+ garden mounted round with a stone wall'.

Why 'Today + Tomorrow'?

What means this riddle... 'Twenty hides - a gift from Cissa - by gravel terrace three rivers meet - two swans rise'?

Why 'Faith + Industry'?

Why 'Cilla + Hean' - also featured in the 1st Miscellany so what are they?


Blogger David said...

some of them i know. "cilla" is obviously a tribute to Cilla Black, and "Hean" is a tribute to Tao Chee Hean, the famous Cabinet minister from Singapore.

"Twenty hides.. a gift from Cissa, by gravel terrace three rivers meet, two swans rise"

This is one of the riddles that Bilbo Baggins used to fool Gollum. It was cut from later editions of the Hobbit.

12 February 2010 09:21  
OpenID gaskella said...

Don't know about the answers, but beer+books sounds great to me!

13 February 2010 09:44  

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