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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Green Man in Abingdon

On Saturday, Tim Healey gave a talk to the Abingdon European Society on The Green Man in Britain and Europe.

As I understand it, having browsed the internet on the subject... The Green Man is a name coined by Lady Raglan in 1939 to fit a mediaeval carving. This one is to be found above the west porch of St Helen's Church in Abingdon.

In St Nicolas, on the choir stalls, etched into the wood, are various images of Green Men. It looks like a pagan image to me, but one that people didn't mind putting in and round their churches.

The other example I know of in Abingdon is the stone face beneath the Abbey Gateway - decorating one of the roof supports. The surrounding leaves suggest that he could soon turn into a full Green Man with more foliage coming from his mouth.

I don't know how old these examples are, possibly only Victorian, so does anybody know the whereabouts of any more or how old these ones might be.


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