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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Change on The High Street

These old bike stands were removed today.

Most of the pavements have been done on the far side of the High Street, and now it is happening this.

Next will be these old bus shelters.


Anonymous This Charming Man said...

Anyone know the story of the old library building which is just withiin view of the top photo? It's more or less opposite the Thai Orchid.

I always notice it when parking up my bicycle for my daily Bargain Booze trip, and wonder what its story is.

16 February 2010 13:03  
Anonymous Alan Lovedog said...

when i moved to abingdon about 25 years ago the job centre was in there - presumably at some distant point it was... a library.!

16 February 2010 21:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes went there after school to research for homework in the early 70's.
Looked (& smelled) as if it hadn't changed much over the previous 100 years or so but was a fabulous old building.

16 February 2010 22:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

''Here in Abingdon there are lots of ways to dance''

Yep, head up Stickys on a Friday night and you will see lots of interesting dancing!!

18 February 2010 20:59  

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