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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

All Future Gigs Cancelled

It is a great shame to see that all future Music-at-The-Unicorn gigs are cancelled. Over recent years Pam, who organised it all, arranged some very good gigs. It was something very good in Abingdon.

Last year, for example, there was ...
Friday 27 February 2009 - Eddie Walker and Fraser Speirs
Saturday 7 March - Loves Holyday
Saturday 18 March - Bob Fox

Tuesday 26 April - Judith Owen
Friday 12th June - Steve Tilston
Thursday 9th July - Carmina

Thursday 6 August - Blackheart
Friday 11 September - Reg Meuross
Thursday 1 October - Show of Hands
Friday 6 November - Spiers and Boden

Friday 11th December - Dylan Project...

An amazing effort!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any reasons given for the cancellations? Like you I think it's very sad
John S.

2 February 2010 22:37  
Anonymous Christine said...

What a shame. I will never forget the wonderful evening when we saw Dave Pegg and PJ Wright. Phenomenal. I feel sad too.

3 February 2010 10:00  
Anonymous Annabel Gaskell said...

What a shame I never knew they were on! I would have loved to see quite a few of those mentioned.

3 February 2010 14:14  
Anonymous Annabel Gaskell said...

I meant to add, it's even more of a shame that there won't be any more.

3 February 2010 14:15  
OpenID parasombra said...

I went all the way to Reading to see Show of Hands and it was only at that gig that I saw that they had been in Abingdon in October. Had I known I would have ridden to the Unicorn on my bike instead of getting the train to Reading!

So many people locally had no idea that there even was music at the Unicorn. I think some more advertising support from the local council might have helped. Oxford has music advertising so why not Abingdon?

4 February 2010 01:21  
Anonymous Hester said...

Judging by the concerts I went to, there wasn't usually any problem with filling the theatre for these shows. However the general point about lack of publicity for events in Abingdon is absolutely true: for those who know where to look the Abingdon Diary (see link from this blog) and the Town Council website both have details - as does the Abingdon Herald "What's On" page on its website as well as in the paper. The window of West End news in the Shopping Centre is another good place to look. But we need more...

This is one of the many things the Choose Abingdon partnership has been lobbied to address - lets hope they can do something.

4 February 2010 10:56  

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