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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Five Lombardy Poplars

This picture was taken three nights ago looking at the row of five Lombardy Poplars on the far side of the River. The moon had been full the night before and it was low in the water. I cycled home from something I was doing, and came back out with the camera, placed it on the ground, pressed the shutter and let it do its own thing. It found some colour where I saw just moonlight and darkness.


Blogger Martin G said...

Fabulous picture!

7 February 2010 10:26  
Blogger Peter said...

Excellent, amazing how much light the moon provides for the camera!

7 February 2010 13:44  
Blogger Christine Walker said...

You should make an Abingdon calendar. Your photos are wonderful.

8 February 2010 13:34  

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